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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are wheelchair cushions and accessories?

Wheelchair accessories include covers, bags and cushions that fit on the chair and gloves, leg lifters and water bottles designed for you to use when you’re in your wheelchair.

What are the benefits of wheelchair cushions and accessories?

Wheelchair accessories help you stay comfortable in your wheelchair, whether you are keeping your feet warm, hydrating with some water or covering the chair from the rain.

Wheelchair cushions and safety accessories, such as the belt and trackway, are simple and affordable ways to protect you from injury and discomfort whilst using your wheelchair.

What different wheelchair cushions and accessories do you offer?

Disabled toilet key – we offer a wide bow key that enables access to thousands of disabled toilets around the country. It features a hole for key rings and has braille identification on the bow.

Hydration – hydration in your wheelchair is made simple with the hydrant range. This includes a water bottle with a hook to clip it onto the back or side of your wheelchair. The drinking tube and valve can be attached to your clothing with the clothes clip so your drink is more accessible. A sport hydrant bottle is also available.

Leg lifters – leg lifters are an ideal way to comfortably lift or lower your leg from the wheelchair foot rests, but can also be used to get into cars or bed. We offer a single and double handled leg lifter.

Covers – we supply two different wheelchair covers; the wheelchair poncho features a hood and fits over you and your wheelchair, whilst the wheelchair mac has arms, a hood and an optional footrest opening. The wheelchair cosy has a fleece lining and waterproof cover so it can keep you warm and protect your lower body from cold or wet weather. We also offer a scooter cape to keep you protected from wet weather when riding your scooter and a cover to use when it is in storage.

Gloves – wheelchair gloves are for self-propelled wheelchair users. With a padded leather material, they protect your hands and increase your grip. They have a fingerless design with covered thumb and finger pulls between your fingers so they are easy to remove.

Cushions – wheelchair pressure cushions reduce the chance of pressure sores or ulcers when you’re seated in your wheelchair. They have a square design to fit exactly into your wheelchair and are made from different materials to offer varying pressure relief.

Bags – we offer a wheelchair and scooter bag. It features side and front pockets as well as a spacious interior and it can be fastened to your mobility aid or carried around with the handle.

Safety – the wheelchair trackway can be rolled onto grass or stones to provide a smoother and safer surface to wheel over. The safety belt is strapped to your wheelchair and stops you from falling forward in your wheelchair.

What should I consider when choosing a wheelchair cushion or accessory?

Size – you should consider the size of your own wheelchair to ensure the products will fit safely. Many of our products are compatible with a range of chairs but we also have items supplied in various sizes, so you can choose which best suits you.

Style – for products like our pressure cushions you can find the style which is most appropriate for you by considering the materials they are made from and the level of pressure relief they offer. We also have aids that are supplied in a range of styles including the leg lifters and water bottles, so make sure to check the features before you buy!

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