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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

What are walking sticks and crutches?

Walking sticks and crutches are walking aids that help you walk safely and comfortably at home or outdoors.

What are the benefits of walking sticks and crutches?

Whether you are living with a disability or recovering from an injury, walking sticks and crutches can help reduce falls and give you the confidence to get out and about.

What different walking sticks and crutches do you offer?

Our walking sticks and crutches have a lightweight yet strong build and are supplied in a range of designs. Walking sticks include folding sticks, unique handles and tetrapods. Crutches are sold in pairs and are easily height adjustable to suit lots of different people.

Folding walking sticks – the folding walking sticks have a quick fold-away design and lock in place when extended. They are ideal for travel and come in a range of colourful styles. We additionally provide a walking cane with a folding seat that can be pulled out when you need to rest.

Unique handled sticks – we offer a range of walking sticks with anatomic shaped handles for the left and right hand. They provide extra comfort when gripping the walking stick. We also offer a heavy-duty walking stick with a curved neck and strong handle for improved weight distribution and a hospital walking stick with a rounded handle and wooden design.

Tetrapods and tripod sticks – tripods have three feet and tetrapods have four feet. With a wider base they offer you added stability and balance when walking.

Crutches – as well as regular cuff and handle crutches we also offer arthritic elbow crutches with a forearm strap and handle for anyone with limited grip. Crutches are designed to support you while you are healing from a lower limb operation or injury and they help you keep your independence with walking while you are getting better.

What should I consider when choosing a walking stick or crutches?

Style – the style you require will depend upon your own mobility needs. For example, if you have difficulty with regular grips you may require a contoured handle or a forearm grip.

Storage – will you just use your walking stick occasionally? If so, a folding walking stick may be ideal, so you can store it compactly in a bag while it isn’t in use.

Size – although the majority of our aids have height adjustments, we also supply them in a range of sizes. Be sure to consider each size so you can choose an aid that is a suitable height for you. This will ensure maximum support when walking.

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