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What are walking frames and rollators?

Walking frames and rollators are mobility aids that give you support when walking. We have a wide range of walking aids that are suitable for various mobility requirements and abilities.

What are the benefits of walking frames and rollators?

Walking frames and rollators can help older people, or anyone who is a little unstable on their feet, to maintain their independence at home or when out and about.

Walking frames and rollators are simple to use, easy to control and have a strong, durable design.

What different walking frames and rollators do you offer?

Rollators – rollators are walking aids that feature large handles and breaking wheels, making them easy to control. We offer rollators with a seat and back that enable you to sit down if you need to rest. Rollators with bags or baskets are ideal to carry your shopping in and indoor rollators with trays are perfect for carrying drinks or household items from room to room. Heavy duty rollators are available for anyone with a higher user weight and forearm support rollators are designed for those who cannot grip regular rollator handles. Many of the rollators have a folding design for easy storage.

Walking frames – with the option of front ferrules or wheels, walking frames offer support when moving around your home. Heavy duty frames are suitable for anyone with a higher user weight and forearm walking frames are available if you’re living with limited grip. We also offer a range of folding walking frames that are easy to store and transport. Walking frames are height adjustable to suit different requirements and you can choose between multiple widths and sizes.

Walkers – we provide hydraulic and electric walkers, with padded armrests, hand grips and a wide base to support walking. They feature foot brakes on the wheels for extra security and are height adjustable to suit different people. Rollator accessories – we offer an attachable rollator tray, which is ideal for carrying drinks, and backrests to offer further support to rollator seats.

Walking frame accessories – we provide a netted bag and caddy that can be used to transport items around the home, and extra ferrules to replace any worn ferrules on a frame. Armpit supports are available to improve your standing position when using the forearm walking frame.

What should I consider when choosing a walking frame or rollator?

Where will you be using the walking aid? If you are looking for an outdoor aid, a rollator may be ideal for you as they have strong wheels and seats to rest on.

Storage – you should consider whether you will need to store or transport the walking aid. If so, a folding frame or rollator may be suitable for you. If you require space for shopping or small items, we have rollators and frames with bags and baskets.

Personal mobility – do you have any specific mobility requirements? We have rollators and frames with unique features, such as the forearm rollator, to suit individual needs.