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The 2 In 1 Rollator & Transit Chair is a quality combination chair with height adjustable handles, easy to operate loop brakes and an aluminium frame. Simply flip down the footrests to turn rollator
This Heavy Duty Rollator is easy to operate and has been specially developed for the larger person to make them feel more safe and secure when walking. Suitable for those with a higher weight
Move easily and safely around small spaces with this Ultra Narrow Walking Frame with wheels. Made from lightweight but incredibly strong, polished aluminium tubing, this frame is easy to walk with
Carry items without difficulty thanks to the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy. Reducing the risk of accidents when youre using a wheeled walking frame and carrying items, the caddy simply clips onto
Take your drinks and food to your dining area or living room with the Let's Go Indoor Rollator & Trolley, which helps you to move around your home safely and with ease. With a clip on tray to carry
Designed to help support and steady you when you are walking, this Standard Walking Frame with wheels is made from polished aluminium, making it lightweight yet incredibly strong. It also benefits
With its modern and stylish design, the sturdy Banjo Four Wheeled Rollator With Tray & Basket is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a generous basket for your shopping or essential items,
The award-winning, Dutch designed Rollz Motion2 is a smart and stylish two-in-one rollator and wheelchair, so its convenient for people who are able to walk for short periods but need a supportive
To save you from pain and tension in your hands whilst you walk indoors, the Forearm Walking Frame with Castors enables you to lean on your forearms instead. With height adjustable troughs for your
Specifically designed to support you if you're living with arthritis or impaired grip, this pair of Arthritic Elbow Crutches feature padded forearm troughs that distribute weight over a large area
Ideal for providing support and storage for carrying items on shopping trips, the NRS 3-Wheel Rollator features a strong, height adjustable steel frame and puncture-proof wheels. With the ability
An elegant and practical lightweight rollator, the Troja Classic is easy to fold, requiring little space when stored making it ideal for travel. Pull the cord on the seat and the rollator folds
This Heavy Duty but lightweight walking frame features easy push button mechanisms, that can be operated by fingers, palms or the side of your hand depending on your hand strength and dexterity.
Offering you a highly stable walking aid, the Small Base Tetrapod benefits from four feet, which create a very secure base for walking and leaning with confidence. With high quality ferrules to
Explore and keep mobile with the Mobility Care® Aluminium Rollator. Providing you with walking support, a seat and storage for carrying items, trips to the shops will be so much easier with this
The Cane Seat is versatile and convenient, providing a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy support cane when closed. Designed for those who need to rest when walking long distances,
Get around more easily with this adjustable walking stick, thats light enough to use wherever you are. Featuring a rubber ferrule, its sturdy on many floors and thanks to its contoured PVC handle,
Get around your home easily and safely with this ultra narrow walking frame. Made from polished aluminium, this incredibly lightweight and strong walking frame is narrow enough to enable you to
" The new Freestyle rollator is a stylish, contemporary 3 wheeled rollator which folds and unfolds easily thanks to its innovative, self-locking folding mechanism. Intended for indoor and outdoor
Offering you a highly stable walking aid, the Centred Legs Tetrapod benefits from four feet, which create a very secure base for walking and leaning with confidence. With high quality ferrules to