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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are walking aids?

Walking aids include walking sticks, rollators, crutches and walking frames. They offer increased support if you are unsteady on your feet when walking, whether you are at home or out and about.

What are the benefits of walking aids?

Whether you are living with limited mobility from a disability or recovering from an injury or operation, we have walking aids to help give you the independence to walk around with confidence.

What different walking aids do you offer?

Rollators – all our rollators have lightweight yet strong frames and include handles with brakes. They are an ideal walking support for indoor and outdoor use, and with bags and baskets they are even suitable for outdoor activities, including shopping. Four wheeled rollators also include padded seats which offer a convenient and safe space for you to rest. We supply three and four wheeled rollators, each with different designs and features, including folding frames and seat back rests.

Walking sticks – walking sticks feature comfortable handles, rubber ferrules and easy height adjustments. Walking sticks offer varied support, from height adjustable sticks to tripod and tetrapods that have three or four feet instead of one, and heavy duty sticks if you have a higher user weight. We even offer a walking cane with a seat that is ideal for a brief rest during long walks. Walking sticks have differing handles with wooden, contoured and curved handles available.

Crutches – if your mobility is reduced after an injury or operation, crutches can help you walk independently until you heal. Crutches include an arm cuff and contoured handles shaped for comfort. If you have limited grip we also offer arthritic elbow crutches with padded forearm holders as well as handles. Crutches are supplied in a range of colours and designs.

Walking frames – our walking frames have a sturdy yet lightweight build and feature ferrules and wheels. Many of our walking frames are designed for use indoors, whether this is your own home or a residential home, but we do supply frames for indoor and outdoor use. We also have bariatric, folding and a forearm frame for a range of different requirements.

Accessories – we have a range of add-on accessories for our walking aids, including a net bag and caddy for our walking frames. Trays and backrests can be added to the rollators so you can move items whilst walking and rest your back when seated. We also offer grey and black ferrules that are supplied in a variety of sizes to fit many of our walking aids.

What should I consider when choosing a walking aid?

Size and weight – our walking aids are supplied in various sizes so they are suitable for a range of people. Consider the measurements of each product, as well as the weight limits, to ensure the walking aid is suitable for you.

Style and design – consider which design is most suitable for your requirements so you get the maximum support from the walking aid. With a range of colours, you should also consider which style you like most.

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