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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

What are turntables and turning aids?

Turning aids include transfer cushions and standing discs. Cushions enable you to gently rotate into a car seat or chair and standing discs have a rotating base so that you can turn smoothly to transfer between seats.

What are the benefits of turntables and turning aids?

Both cushions and discs help to reduce strain for you and carers during transfers.

All our turning aids are easy to manoeuvre; our cushions and turntables have a compact yet strong design and our turners have castor wheels so you can transport them to wherever they are needed.

What different turntables and turning aids do you offer?

Turntables and cushions – turntables have a gripped surface and can be placed wherever you need them to create a smoother standing transfer between seats. Rotating cushions can be used on chairs without armrests, but they are especially helpful for use on car seats so you can lower yourself naturally and rotate your legs into the car.

Turners – we offer numerous transfer turners, featuring kneepads and handles, for you and a carer. Transfer turners are designed for anyone who can pull themselves gently up into a standing position and then your carer can rotate the turner at a controlled speed. Our turners all come in different styles, with varying platforms and handles.

Accessories – we offer a range of accessories, including knee pad covers, platform raisers and a safety belt, for our turnings aids.

What should I consider when choosing a turntable or turning aid?

Style – we have different styles of turnings aids, including a variety of handle designs and different sized platforms for the turners, so you can choose a style that gives you the best support.

Personal mobility – it is important to consider your own mobility to ensure you choose an aid which gives you secure and safe support. For example, our turners offer handheld support, but require you to be able to raise yourself up with the handles.

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