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Supporting weights up to 450kg, the Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) makes a huge difference to carers with patients who are unable to get up after a fall. Operating with low air pressure, this
The Mangar Camel Lifting Chair (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) features air powered inflation designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor. Operating with low air pressure, the
The Evacuation Sledge consists of a two layer foam, the lower layer is firm, to ride over any surfaces such as carpets, concrete or stairs, whilst the softer upper layer ensures the user is kept
This 90mm (31/2') deep, pressure distributing overlay is permanently fitted on top of a traditional sprung mattress. The top surface is covered in a vapour permeable, two-way stretch wipe clean
The Evacuation Sheet uses strong elastics to attach permanently to the bottom of a flexible foam mattress. It also has safety belts to hold the user on the mattress and pulling straps at each end.
The Eagle Lifting Cushion sits up and lifts a fallen person. It has a small footprint and can be used in compact spaces such as in bathrooms. The Eagle Lifting Cushion uses the Airflo 24 compressor