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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are slide sheets, handling belts and transfer aids?

Slide sheets, handling belts and other transfer aids are designed to make transfers smoother and more comfortable for you and your carers.

What are the benefits of slide sheets, handling belts and transfer aids?

Transfer aids are extremely beneficial to anyone who is living with a mobility condition. They reduce the strain put on carers and are designed to be strong yet comfortable to help you stay supported and safe during transfers.

With a wide range of designs, we have transfer aids suitable for different abilities, ages and types of transfer.

What different slide sheets, handling belts and transfer aids do you offer?

Handling belts – with multiple hooped handles, carers can use a handling belt to support you between seated and standing positions. Handling belts are available in a range of sizes, including a design for children.

Sheets – transfer sheets are available in different styles and sizes for various types of transfers. We offer bed sheets to help you reposition and turn over easily, giving you added stability when you get in and out of bed. Slide sheets can be used for easy repositioning or transfers between beds, but we also provide slide sheets for chair transfers. We offer a sheet set with a bed sheet and dressing aid sleeves that are used to help carers dress you in bed.

Boards – transfer boards enable you to slide from one seat to another. We offer straight boards for standard seat transfers and curved boards for seats with fixed armrests. A bariatric transfer board is available for anyone with a higher user weight and we also provide a snake-shaped board that can hook around the arm of chairs.

Transfer aids – transfer aids help you move between seated and standing positions with the help of a carer. The handles can be used to pull yourself up, or hold onto the aid, and feature belt and sling fixings if you require further support. Carers can use the transfer aid to rotate or transfer you to another seat. Accessories for the transfer aids, such as knee pads, footrests and slings are available separately.

Slings – we offer a range of slings that are compatible with the transfer aids. They give extra support during transfers and with side and back handles they can also be used by carers to help lift or lower you. We also provide a multi-purpose sling that reduces bending for carers during handling.

Steps and mats – with a gripped surface, mats can increase the safety of your transfers when you’re standing or lowering yourself onto a bed or chair. Steps can be used as a stable footrest or give an elevated surface for children.

Bed blocks – we offer a pair of non-slip bed blocks with handles. They are easy to move and help you reposition yourself in bed.

What should I consider when choosing a slide sheet, handling belt or transfer aid?

Where are you transferring to and from? This is the first question you need to answer before choosing a transfer aid. We have aids to transfer you from a range of different areas, either sitting or lying down, so it is important to check which are suitable for your own transfers.

Do you need a carer to assist you? We offer a range of products that require a carer’s assistance, but aids such as our transfer boards can be used independently.