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Atlas Advance is the next generation of moving and handling equipment from NRS Healthcare, designed with the comfort, safety and ergonomics of both caregiver and user in mind. The Atlas Advance is
This Multipack includes 3 popular sizes of tubular slide sheet, each of which are easily identified by their own, bright, primary colour. These slide sheets are made from an ultra-slippy material
Designed for repositioning yourself, or to help someone reposition themselves, whilst in bed, the Glide & Lock Sheet simply slides backwards into a secure position with its slip-resistant material in
Enabling you to slide patients in four directions, the WendyLett 4 Way Glide Draw Sheet is part of a unique re-positioning system that can be used as regular bed sheets for complete convenience when
Designed to help you to manoeuvre yourself in bed more easily, these Bed Hand Blocks come as a pair and can be positioned anywhere in your bed thanks to their non-slip base. Helping you remain
This useful anti slip mat helps prevent sliding down the bed, chair or wheelchair and can also be used on the floor to prevent feet from slipping when exiting a bed or chair. Breathable outer, PVC
The padded handles of the Anti-Slip Handling Belt provide a secure and comfortable grip for carers. Exclusive to NRS, this Handling Belt features a contoured design, fleece lining with anti-slip
Designed to help you with positioning when youre in bed, these Secure Sit and Slide Fitted Sheets have a smooth satin central panel that makes turning in bed much easier and prevents bed clothes
Car journeys needn't be an issue with the AutoSlide Transfer Aid, designed to help you to position your body easily and comfortably as well as help you to get in and out of your car. Featuring a
The Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid provides a safe and easy solution for carers who need to transfer the person they're looking after. Although very manoueverable and light to use, it is also
Padded and comfortable for those using it, the Comfylift Handling Belt also offers carers a safe and easy to use handling solution when assisting the user to stand, transfer or reposition themselves.
Designed by moving and handling consultants, the Patient Multi-Mover Plus Slide Sheet provides carers with a safe, simple and effective method of moving and sliding patients when theyre in bed.
The SatinSheet Base Sheet has a low-friction satin area in the centre that allows 2-directional, side-to-side movement. Cotton/polyester edges brake movement. Can be used on its own by a fairly
Be securely fastened in the ReTurn Transfer system with this ReTurn Belt. Used for sit-to-stand transfers and walk training applications, the ReTurn Belt fits easily around hips for a secure
For additional safety and peace of mind a transfer sling can be used with the Ambiturn. The transfer sling has a Velcro® strap, which fits over the handle bar of the Ambiturn, in addition to a
Using a 4 way, ultra-slippy material, these tubular washable slide sheets enable health care professionals and carers to position and transfer someone with ease. Patient and user friendly, the
The Harvest Movement Assistance Glove has been designed in consultation with industry experts including occupational therapists and moving and handling advisers. The glove has been designed so that
Ensure children are safely and comfortably assisted with the Comfykids Handling Belt. Designed to give you a heightened grip when helping children to stand, transfer or walk, this colourful belt is
Prevent moving forward in your seat with the One Way Slide Sheet & Pressure Care Pad. Helping you to sit comfortably and safely, this one-way slide sheet has a built-in pressure care foam pad for
New and improved, this Handling Sling is exclusive to NRS and is designed to extend the reach of carers when theyre assisting in a range of moving and handling procedures where trunk support is