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Supporting weights up to 450kg, the Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) makes a huge difference to carers with patients who are unable to get up after a fall. Operating with low air pressure, this
The Mangar Camel Lifting Chair (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) features air powered inflation designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor. Operating with low air pressure, the
The Oxford® Journey stand aid incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce the most unique, compact and portable folding stand aid on the market today. It has a safe
The Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid is specifically designed to support transfers for people who have some weight bearing ability, but are unable to raise themselves unaided. Emphasis has been placed
The Etac Turner Pro is the perfect tool for hospitals, care homes and for use at home. The intuitive design makes it easy to use - with adjustable handle and leg heights to comfortably suit
Also available as an electric version, the hydraulic Oxford Mini 180 Mobile Hoist is compact and highly durable, reducing the strain on carers during transfers. It offers effective manoeuvrability
The new Birdie EVO range has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a
Atlas Advance is the next generation of moving and handling equipment from NRS Healthcare, designed with the comfort, safety and ergonomics of both caregiver and user in mind. The Atlas Advance is
Providing an economical solution for transferring patients between wheelchairs, beds and chairs. Featuring a hand operated locking device, it enables carers to rotate the Turner at any position,
This useful anti slip mat helps prevent sliding down the bed, chair or wheelchair and can also be used on the floor to prevent feet from slipping when exiting a bed or chair. Breathable outer, PVC
The WendyLett sheets are made of a mixed material fabric. Wonderful, smooth cotton provides comfort whilst strong and smart polyester ensures functionality and durability. The quality of the fabric
Designed for repositioning yourself, or to help someone reposition themselves, whilst in bed, the Glide & Lock Sheet simply slides backwards into a secure position with its slip-resistant material in
Featuring an integral head and back support panel, the NRS High Back Toileting Transfer Sling supports users in a safe and comfortable position during transfers and reduces strain on carers.
Designed to help you with positioning when youre in bed, these Secure Sit and Slide Fitted Sheets have a smooth satin central panel that makes turning in bed much easier and prevents bed clothes
Made from breathable polyester, the Oxford® Insitu Sling is designed for complete comfort, especially if you need to be in the sling for an extended period of time. Padded and featuring an integrated
This Multipack includes 3 popular sizes of tubular slide sheet, each of which are easily identified by their own, bright, primary colour. These slide sheets are made from an ultra-slippy material and
Move from one chair to another or to and from your bed with this Transfer Turntable. Simplistic in design, this strong yet lightweight swivel platform provides you with a strong base on which to
Enabling you to slide patients in four directions, the WendyLett 4 Way Glide Draw Sheet is part of a unique re-positioning system that can be used as regular bed sheets for complete convenience when
The Evacuation Sledge consists of a two layer foam, the lower layer is firm, to ride over any surfaces such as carpets, concrete or stairs, whilst the softer upper layer ensures the user is kept
Designed to help you to manoeuvre yourself in bed more easily, these Bed Hand Blocks come as a pair and can be positioned anywhere in your bed thanks to their non-slip base. Helping you remain