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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are moving, transferring and handling aids?

Moving aids include hoists, sheets, and turning platforms that help you transfer between different positions or furniture.

What are the benefits of moving, transferring and handling aids?

Handling aids help make transfers more comfortable and secure for you and your carers.

We have transfer aids available for every part of your routine, including aids designed specifically for bed, toileting and shower transfers. We even have aids to assist you in and out of a swimming pool.

What different moving, transferring and handling aids do you offer?

Hoists and slings – hoists and slings fit together to lift and transfer you to different positions. We offer mobile or fixed hoists and slings that perform standing or seated transfers with various purposes, including toileting or pool transfers.

Standing aids – we offer standing transfers aids which feature handles for you to hold and for carers to keep the aid steady. Standing aids include platforms and castor wheels so you can be transported short distances and turn and stand aids also feature twisting platforms so you can be rotated to different seats. We also offer standing slings that can be used with standing aids and inflatable lifting cushions that raise you after a fall.

Turning aids – transfer cushions have a discreet, circular design and enable you to rotate into position on a chair. They are ideal for car seats or any armless chairs, to reduce uncomfortable turning. Turntables have a strong base so you can stand and turn on them during transfers.

Sheets – transfer sheets enable carers to easily reposition you in bed or on a chair and can be used for transfers between beds or other furniture. We also offer sheets to fit over your mattress for easier turning in bed. Evacuation sheets are available, including padded sheets with safety straps which can glide over stairs or hard floors and a pool evacuation sheet with secure handles to lift you out of a swimming pool in an emergency.

Boards – transfer boards are ideal if you are moving between seats, particularly a wheelchair and chair. Boards come in a rectangular, boomerang or curved style so they are compatible with a range of chairs.

Handling belts – handling belts fit securely around your body and have padded handles so that carers can lift or support you during transfers.

Accessories – we supply a wide range of accessories that can further support your transfers. For example, knee supports and additional fixings are available for specific transfer aids, but we also have general aids, such as non-slip mats and hand grips, that can be used independently.

What should I consider when choosing a moving, transferring or handling aid?

Transfer type – our transfer aids each offer differing levels of support, for example some offer standing transfers and others seated. It is important to establish how the handling aid will transfer you to ensure that the product will offer you the appropriate support.

Size and fitting – our transfer aids are supplied in various styles and sizes with different fittings. Consider these measurements and fixtures before choosing which product you want, to confirm that the transfer aid will fit safely in your home.

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