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" Transport children with ease in the lightweight Trotter Pushchair. Easy to manoeuvre, this fold-away pushchair features 8"" wheels at the front and 10"" wheels at the back, whilst the wide range of
Providing additional support for the lower limbs, this pair of Foot & Ankle Positioners For Trotter Pushchair are padded for complete comfort. They're designed to correctly position feet to reduce
Replacing the H harness on the Trotter Pushchair, the Full Torso Vest For Trotter Pushchair offers complete support for the torso. This full torso vest helps to correct posture and is comfortable to
The DoBuggy Stroller is designed for children with special needs. Lightweight and foldable, this stroller is practical for travelling and features a wraparound seat frame to protect your child
This Rain/Wind Shield provides your child with protection from the rain and wind when out using the DoBuggy. Made from durable, clear plastic, it enables you to still see your child when pushing
This Padded Boot is perfect for colder days - adding shelter and warmth for the legs and feet of your child when using the DoBuggy. A secure attachment ensures the padded cover will not slip off
The DoBuggy Shopping Basket can be easily attached under the seat of the DoBuggy to store and carry your shopping items, hand bag, or your childs items. Made from a strong mesh, the Shopping Basket
The Extra Seat Pad provides additional comfort to your child when using the DoBuggy, and provides a washable extra layer to keep your Dobuggy free of spills. Easy to attach and detach, it covers
This Framed Rain Cover provides your child with protection from the rain and wind when out using the DoBuggy. Designed with support bars, this Framed Rain Cover covers from below the handlebars to
The Chest Pad prevents your child from leaving the DoBuggy on their own. It helps your child to remain stable and secure in the stroller, and it provides extra protection to the chest from vibrations
The Harness Pad adds extra comfort to the five-point harness on the Dobuggy, which is particularly helpful if your child is likely to wriggle around. It's designed to prevent your child from
These Ankle Huggers help to stabilise your childs feet while riding in the DoBuggy, but still allow controlled movement. Additionally, the ankle huggers are designed to reduce stress on the joints,
These Lateral Supports can be easily fixed using poppers to the inside of the DoBuggy Stroller, on either side of your child. Their angled shape is designed to cuddle into the sides of the buggy