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Making life easier when you're not able to move to sit in bed or your wheelchair easily, the Hydrant is designed to increase independence and reduce the chance of dehydration. Enabling you to drink
" Transport children with ease in the lightweight Trotter Pushchair. Easy to manoeuvre, this fold-away pushchair features 8"" wheels at the front and 10"" wheels at the back, whilst the wide range of
Many therapists advise a posterior (reverse) walker for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. This height adjustable walker supports your child from behind, promoting an
Make it easier and more fun for kids to get around with these Children's Elbow Crutches. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, these aluminium crutches are safe and supportive for children with weakness
This Seat Harness supports people when theyre using the Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker. With a fully adjustable harness, it has a sling shape that secures users who are unable to stand independently.
The Nimbo Forearm Platform and Mounting Bracket is made from lightweight aluminium. The forearm platforms are size adjustable, while the handgrips extend forward or back to position as needed and are
With similar features to the Troja Classic above, the Troja Forearm Walker offers additional support in the form of padded gutters. This allows the user to rest their forearms comfortably, and grip
"Accessories for the Trekker Gait Trainer (M56425): Forearm Platform - Adjustable in both depth and height, it can rotate and move to face up or downwards. The hand grips are multi adjustable and can
Accessories for the Trekker Gait Trainer (M56425): Hip Positioner & Pad - Length adjustable straps assist with weight bearing allowing the user to concentrate on their walking motion. Removable pad
This seat, with colour matched frame, mounts easily onto the standard Nimbo Posterior Walker. It folds up for standing, and walking, and flips down for convenient seating. It can also help to
Attached to beds, wheelchairs, bikes, belts and even pushchairs, the Hydrant Sport features a large handle and ergonomic indentations for a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold as well, even
A width adjustable Pelvic Stabiliser for use with the Nimbo Posterior Walker. It features back and lateral pads, as well as a support belt. Recommended for users with asymmetrical posture when
Making life much easier, the Spare Tube & Valve for The Hydrant attaches securely to the Hydrant and enables you to drink from your bed, wheelchair or armchair, without having to move or use your
The Trekker Gait Trainer is suitable for children who do not yet have the physical or cognitive skills to use a standard walker safely and independently. It can be used in an anterior or posterior
"Designed to replaced existing wheels supplied with the Nimbo Posterior Posture Walker (sold separately), the pair of Outdoor Activity Wheels enable safety when using the Nimbo outdoors. The wheels
Providing additional support for the lower limbs, this pair of Foot & Ankle Positioners For Trotter Pushchair are padded for complete comfort. They're designed to correctly position feet to reduce