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Helping you retain your independence, the Handy Bar™ is a strong and supportive bar that attaches to your car so that you can lean on it and push down in order for you to get up out of your car seat.
This practical, stylish leather wallet display is designed to display a blue parking badge and timer clock. The clever design enables you to alter the clock without needing to remove it from the
This fleece covered revolving seat cushion is ideal for helping users with limited mobility get in or out of the car, or for use on other seats without arms. Fleece covered for comfort, the foam
Create a safer environment during transfers and when youre getting in and out of your car with the Rota Cushion. Designed for seat rotation, this circular cushion consists of two low friction discs
Avoid unnecessary strain with the Stand Easy Standing Frame that's made from steel for stability and support. Helping you to get on or off a toilet or even in and out of your car, this dual handle
With its durable nylon construction, the Car Caddie provides assistance and support when getting into and out of your car. Thanks to its secure strap that fastens with a buckle around the window
Designed to make journeys in your car more comfortable, the Slimline Wedge for Cars eases muscle tension in your lower back to prevent the onset of pain. The Slimline Wedge is fitted with a luxury
This Key offers independent access to around 9000 locked public and disabled toilets around the country as part of the 'National Key Scheme'. Its extra wide bow design makes it very easy to use and
Elev8 Hoist helps you to load and unload your mobility scooter or powerchair from your car. It is a fantastic solution for those who want to take their mobility scooter or powerchair with them on car
Car journeys needn't be an issue with the AutoSlide Transfer Aid, designed to help you to position your body easily and comfortably as well as help you to get in and out of your car. Featuring a
Comfortable and reliable, the Backfriend™ Back Support improves posture and provides firm and shaped lumbar support. Ideal for use in your car, this easily adjustable seating aid folds away when
Aid circulation and improve lumbar comfort with the Car Back Support, made from memory foam with a luxury velour cover. Comfortable for use on car journeys, this cushion protects pressure areas and