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Supporting weights up to 450kg, the Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) makes a huge difference to carers with patients who are unable to get up after a fall. Operating with low air pressure, this
Designed to take the strain out of propelling your wheelchair, the Ultra Lightweight Attendant Controlled Aluminium Wheelchair is strong and easy to transport. Attractive in two-tone grey upholstery,
This NRS Transit Lite Attendant Controlled Wheelchair is made of strong, but lightweight, aluminium making it ideal for travel and occasional use. Frame and backrest are easy to fold to a compact
The Bigfoot Half Step is designed to meet the need of people who find the height difference between a door and the ground outside too much to achieve in one go. The step halves the height between
This Heavy Duty Rollator is easy to operate and has been specially developed for the larger person to make them feel more safe and secure when walking. Suitable for those with a higher weight
The Mangar Camel Lifting Chair (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) features air powered inflation designed to sit up and lift a fallen person from the floor. Operating with low air pressure, the
An active transfer and transport aid, designed for users with poor balance and reduced lower limb strength. An ideal solution for users who can raise themselves to an upright/semi upright position
The Mobility Care Outdoor Plastic Half Step provides a stable platform to help anyone with reduced mobility negotiate doorways and thresholds. It reduces the height of steps enabling greater access
Move easily and safely around small spaces with this Ultra Narrow Walking Frame with wheels. Made from lightweight but incredibly strong, polished aluminium tubing, this frame is easy to walk with
The new Birdie EVO range has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a
Explore and keep mobile with the Mobility Care® Aluminium Rollator. Providing you with walking support, a seat and storage for carrying items, trips to the shops will be so much easier with this
Designed to help support and steady you when youre walking, this Standard Walking Frame with wheels is made from polished aluminium, making it lightweight yet incredibly strong. It also benefits from
Also available in a hydraulic version, the electric Oxford® Major 200 Mobile Hoist is built with a lightweight construction for easy manoeuvrability and is suitable for most lifting requirements in
The Mackworth TA180 is a transfer support unit that encourages more mobile clients to stand un-assisted. The versatility of the Mackworth TA180 allows for ease of use in a variety of care and
The Advance mobile patient lift from Oxford® is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. It is especially suited to home care and small nursing environments where space sometimes is
Carry items without difficulty thanks to the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy. Reducing the risk of accidents when youre using a wheeled walking frame and carrying items, the caddy simply clips onto
Designed to take the strain out of propelling your wheelchair, the Ultra Lightweight Self Propelled Aluminium Wheelchair is strong and easy to transport. Attractive in two-tone grey upholstery, the
This rollator has a sturdy, but lightweight aluminium frame which makes it ideal to use, especially outdoors. It features height adjustable handles to allow the correct position for the user and a
Helping carers to manoeuvre you with ease, the Attendant Controlled Wheelchair With Puncture-Proof Tyres has a robust steel frame and is ideal for everyday use. Fitted with puncture-proof tyres for
The Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid is specifically designed to support transfers for people who have some weight bearing ability, but are unable to raise themselves unaided. Emphasis has been placed