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The BigTel 40 plus is an easy to use, highly amplified Big Button Desk telephone. It works through using the telephone line power meaning there is no need for a separate power supply. There are six
This AmpliDECT 295 photo telephone and answering machine is amplified, with a receiving volume up to 30dB, and is hearing aid compatible. It has 10 photo buttons on the base unit - simply press the
This amplified cordless telephone comes with an integral answering machine and alarm pendant. It is hearing aid compatible and has an adjustable receiving volume up to 30dB. It also has a
If you're living with hearing or vision difficulties, the Doro 311C Phone Easy Telephone can make dialling your telephone much easier. With large, clear buttons and a flashing indicator light when
The Geemarc CL100 is an easy to use big button telephone, with loud ringer volume up to 85dB. It has an adjustable receiving volume of up to 30dB, tone control of up to 10dB to suit your level of
A specialist accessory for the Powertel Range. The Pillow shaker works with Powertel 49 Plus or Powertel 50 Alarm Plus telephone. The Pad can be placed under a pillow or cushion and is plugged into
This amplified clamshell mobile telephone has a dual LCD display, and camera. It is hearing aid compatible and has an adjustable receiving volume control, up to 35dB with a boost button.
The Sereneties Telephone is supplied with an emergency waterproof wristband/pendant which are already paired together. This means when the wristband/pendant is pushed it automatically starts to call
This additional AmpliDECTt 295 Handset is compatible with the AmpilDECT 295 Amplified Photo Telephone (P18509), and the AmpliDECT 295 SOS -PRO Pendant Alarm Telephone (P11152). It has four large
Ideal for boosting the listening volume of your existing telephone by up to 40dB with use of the boost button. It also has a tone control of +/- 6dB for improved clarity if required. The product
BigTel 48 is an easy to use Big Button Desk Phone. The phone works off the telephone line power only (no need for power supply) and it is easy to set up and use straight out of the box. There are
The Doro 319ph is especially helpful for people with limited dexterity or cognitive impairments. The ergonomically designed keypad, four photo buttons, handset and sliding handset volume setting make
With large, easy to see photographs of up to ten family members or friends, the Cordless Photophone can be a huge help if you have difficulty remembering numbers or living with limited dexterity.
Linked up to the Wake 'n' Shake Alarm Clock and then placed under your pillow, the Optional Bed Shaker uses vibrations to help wake you up. If you're suffering with a hearing impairment, this is an
Helping you to hear telephone conversations more easily, the Plug In Telephone Amplifier simply plugs into your existing telephone. With an easy to use slider volume control of up to 30dB, it has a
Simple to use and easy to see, thanks to its large, back-lit buttons and display, the Powertel 49 Plus Telephone enables you to benefit from to pre-programmed speed-dial numbers. Featuring a 40dB
This amplified big button telephone comes with a separate water resistant emergency alarm button that can be worn on the wrist with a Velcro strap or around the neck with the lanyard supplied.
Alerting you to incoming calls and visitors at your door, the Amplicall Telephone Ring & Doorbell Indicator uses an alarm and a flashing light when your doorbell is pushed or when the telephone is
An easy-to-use alert which has a number of applications round the home. It will set off an alarm and/or a flashing light when there is a call and can also be used with the optional Bed Shaker below
With large buttons for ease of dialling, the Geemarc Photophone 100 Big Button Telephone has a loud 30dB ringer and keypad tones of up to 10dB. Making it much easier for you to use your telephone