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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 7400 reviews

What are Silent Alert System aids?

The Silent Alert System include alarms that use vibrations, lights and loud alarms to alert you to sounds in your home, such as the smoke alarm or the doorbell. The Silent Alert System also includes quiet alerts to notify your carer when you need assistance.

What are the benefits of Silent Alert System aids?

Silent alarms make homes safer and more accessible for anyone who cannot hear regular home alerts. The silent call buttons and monitors enable quick and discreet responses from carers when you require assistance.

What different Silent Alert System aids do you offer?

All silent alerts connect to a pager or receiver. The receivers and pagers can play loud alarms, lights or vibrations, so the alarm can be felt and seen, in addition to being heard.

Carbon monoxide alarm – the carbon monoxide alarm alerts the receiver when carbon monoxide is detected. It is wireless and can fit in many areas around the home. The alarm features different lights to indicate when the battery is powered, if there is a fault and when the alarm is on.

Telephone – the telephone monitor alerts the receiver when phone calls or messages are detected. If you are hard of hearing, the telephone monitor is an ideal way to reduce the chance of missing important phone calls.

Doorbell – we provide a doorbell with a built-in sensor that alerts you when someone has pressed the button or is standing at the door. It connects to the pager or receiver so you can see, feel or hear the doorbell alarm.

Alert kits – we offer multiple Silent Alert kits, which all include a smoke alarm, pillow shaker and receiver or pager. One kit also features a doorbell system which works with the pager. Pillow shakers are an ideal way to alert you to the door or an alarm if you are in bed and are hard of hearing.

Call button pendant – the pendant alert is worn around your neck and features a call button that connects to a pager. The pendant button offers an easy and discreet way to call your carers when you require assistance.

Movement monitor – the movement monitor detects motion and is ideal for doorways or by your bed. It discreetly alerts carers through a pager when you wander from an area, so they can come and assist you.

What should I consider when choosing a Silent Alert System aid?

Are you living independently? Whilst pendant alarms and movement monitors are ideal if you are living with a carer, silent alarms and kits are perfect for anyone with a sensory impairment who is living independently.

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