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Designed for use with fall defence systems, this SafePresence ® Treadnought Floor Sensor Mat is extremely durable. Ideal for being placed at the bedside, doorway or other locations, this sensor mat
Helping to prevent the risk of falls when wandering, the SafePresence® Safenbed Alert System detects when a patient steps onto or moves off a sensor mat and can be set to sound an alarm. This alerts
The wireless SafePresence Standalone PIR with Receiver detects motion with infra-red and then instantly notifies the carer, sounding a local alarm when it detects movement. It can be installed to
This SafePresence® Fall Defence System allows two way communication between you and your carer even if you are in different rooms and enables you to hear each other clearly through the wireless
Used in conjunction with the SafePresence® Fall Defence System or the SafePresence® SafeNBed Alert System, the anti-bacterial SafePresence® Sensor Folding Bed Mat is a durable, flexible and thin