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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

From magnetic door alarms to movement monitors, we have a variety of products to help maintain a safe environment in your home. Motion detector alarms can let your carer know if there's any unexpected movements around the house so they can come help. Products like the Memo Minder can also give reminders, such as "don't open the door to strangers" when motion is detected, helping to keep you safe without being obtrusive.

What are movement monitors?

Movement monitors are household aids that sound an alarm or play a message when motion is detected.

What are the benefits of movement monitors?

Movement monitors can reduce dangerous wandering that could lead to a fall. With the monitor alarms, carers can stay informed about your movements, even if they are away from the room, so they can quickly come and assist you.

Movement monitors with voice reminders can help to maintain home safety, by prompting you to complete tasks such as locking the front door or picking up your keys before leaving the house.

What different movement monitors do you offer?

Door and window alarm – we offer a pack of magnetic alarms that fit over your door or window. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will disconnect and sound an alarm to warn carers that you are wandering.

Safety beam – the safety beam works with two monitors that face each other to create an invisible infrared beam. The alarm will sound when the beam is disrupted, to alert a carer that you have left a room and may be unsafe. The safety beam is ideal for thresholds or doorways.

Memo minder – when motion is detected, the memo minder plays a pre-recorded message to help you remember important tasks or items. For example, you may place the memo minder by your front door to remind you to collect your keys before exiting.

What should I consider when choosing a movement monitor?

Will you or a carer need to be alerted? Alarms are ideal to alert carers to wandering, but memos are more suited for those living independently who may benefit from helpful reminders in their home.

Consider where you will want to use the movement monitor. Whilst the memo minder and safety beam can be used in a range of different areas, the door and window alarm is designed exclusively for doors and windows.

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