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Helping to increase safety in your home, the Memo Minder plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds when it detects motion. This can be used to remind you to take your medication or leave
Detecting the opening of windows or doors, the Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm then alerts you to this opening with a loud alarm though the main unit, increasing safety in your home. When the
The Border Patrol Safety Beam is an easy to use electronic entrance-monitoring device. It creates an invisible infra-red beam between the two units up to 20 metres apart and if that beam is
Increase safety in your home with the Bedside Motion Detector, which detects bed exits without the use of sensor mats or strings attached to user. With beep or Chime alarm tones, it's powered by a
A multipurpose product, ideal for someone who is living or spending time alone in the home but needs the support of someone close by. Plugs easily into a land line telephone (not included). Features
The Memo Minder Plus is useful for people who may live alone or spend time alone in the home. With inbuilt motion detection that can sense motion coming from the left and the right, the Memo Minder
This simple to use PIR sensor is ideal for detecting movement when someone moves through the beam. A loud chime setting or powerful 130dB siren, alerts carers if someone has wandered from a bedroom