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" This, unobtrusive, Wi-Fi indoor IP camera has a 180 degree HD fish eye lens, with a software pan and tilt viewing angle that enables you to zoom ""˜into, and around the room where the camera is
Wireless and easy to install, the portable Home Care Pan & Tilt Wireless colour Mini CCTV is a monitoring system that features a new pan and tilt feature on the camera that can be remotely controlled
The fantastic Mem-X Memory Aid Pendant assists, supports and reassures you when you hear the recorded personalised messages or instructions, played through the device in a familiar voice. With an
Designed for people of all ages with visual impairments. Simple and easy to use multi-purpose labelling pen enables the user to record their own recorable labels for a wide range of items around the
Helping you to remember to take medication, the Cadex Medication Reminder & Medical Alert Watch looks and functions just like a regular digital watch. With many functions including multiple alerts,
Conveying sound from the patient or child's room, the Tomy Digital Monitor also features a sound sensitive light display, to alert carers or parents with hearing difficulties. Also benefiting from
Helping you with daily tasks such as remembering to take medication, the MemRabel TM 2 Dementia Care Aid uses an SD card to store and display pictures, video or recorded audio files at programmed
The MemRabel™ can help people with memory issues, by reminding them of things to do. It plays recorded messages at selected times, set by a family member or carer. Whether it's reminders for
Using wireless key ring beepers, the Object Locator works with a remote control. Simply pressing the corresponding button on the remote control activates the key ring beeper that's attached to the
This is an additional camera to the Watch & Care V160 monitoring system (P11097). Up to four cameras can be added to one existing base. Cameras are fully adjustable and will transmit clear, high
The camera has a lens surrounded by Infrared LED's for automatic switching to night vision operation, with a view angle of 31 °, and the indoor effective range of the product is 50m (160ft). It also
An advanced wireless monitoring system that transmits picture and sounds in high quality over long distance indoors, ideal for carers monitoring an elderly relative or a neighbour. This system