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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Make your day-to-day life easier with the help of our range of digital monitors, object locators, intercoms, watches, and audio recording pens. These devices make it easier for you to keep track of everything and keep in touch with your carers or family should you need help.

What are monitors, reminders and prompt aids?

Monitors include security and care cameras that enable you to monitor your home or check on someone you care for. Reminders and prompts are household aids that help you find important items, such as keys, and remember regular appointments or meetings.

What are the benefits of monitors, reminders and prompt aids?

For anyone living independently, reminder and prompt aids are a simple way to help with recollection during daily tasks.

Monitors enable you to see if someone you care for is in distress or has wandered from their bed, so you can quickly assist them.

What different monitors, reminders and prompt aids do you offer?

Camera monitors – we offer multiple monitoring systems for home security and personal care. The indoor security camera has a 180 degree pan to monitor activity at home, and the footage can be viewed live through a free smartphone app or downloaded to a memory card. We also provide two personal care monitors which enable carers to see, hear and speak to you from another room. These are ideal for care of an older relative or young child.

Object locator – the object locator features a remote control and keyrings with corresponding letters. Press a letter on the remote and the corresponding keyring will beep, so you can locate it. Attach the keyrings to small items, such as car keys, to help you find them around your home.

Pendant reminder – the pendant reminder can store multiple personal messages to help you remember daily tasks, such as taking your medicine or attending an appointment. Set an alarm at a certain time to prompt you to press the button and hear the reminder.

What should I consider when choosing a monitor, reminder or prompt aid?

Are you living independently? Whilst all our aids are ideal for anyone who lives with family or carers, our object locator and memory pendant are ideal to help with recollection if you live independently.

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