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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are falls and wandering solutions?

Falls and wandering solutions are monitors and alarms that alert your carers when you need assistance.

What are the benefits of falls and wandering solutions?

Falls and wandering solutions help to reduce falls and accidents in the home. They enable carers to closely monitor your movements and stop wandering that can be dangerous and lead to falls.

With fall alarms you have easy access to an alert button so you can quickly contact your carers if you need help.

What different falls and wandering solutions do you offer?

Call buttons and pull alarms – call button alarms fit around your neck, or on your wrist, and have a simple button to call for help. Choose from a wrist alarm that sends a message through a pager, and pendant alarms that can alert a main unit or call a telephone so you can talk to your carer. We also offer a bathroom alarm that alerts a receiver when the cord is pulled, so you can easily call for help in the bathroom.

Sensor mats – we provide a range of sensor mats that can be set to detect when pressure is applied or removed. They can be used on your bed, chair or the floor. Sensor mats work with monitor and alarm systems, to alert your carers when wandering is detected.

Monitors – cord monitors detect when you have moved from a certain area. They attach to a chair or wall and feature a magnetic cord which clips to your clothing. If you leave your seat the cord will disconnect and sound an alarm or send an alert and play a pre-recorded message. We also offer a monitoring system that enables your carer to see, hear and talk to you.

What should I consider when choosing a fall or wandering solution?

Consider where you will be using the aid. We have different styles of alarms and monitors that are appropriate for different areas of the home, such as sensor mats for the chair or bed and pull alarms for the bathroom.