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Featuring a magnetic pull cord that attaches to the patient's clothes, the Voice Alert™ Monitor will be activated when this magnet becomes disconnected. An alarm will sound to alert carers and a
Ideal for those with visual impairments or living alone and concerned about falling. Panic alarm is small pendant the can be worn around the neck. In an emergency the user presses the button and the
For use with the Voice Alarm Monitor (M99769) - with a large surface area to prevent false alerts, the Voice Alarm Bed Sensor Mat sits under bedsheets and monitors the patient's movement. When the
Helping to increase safety in your home, the Memo Minder plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds when it detects motion. This can be used to remind you to take your medication or leave
With a sensitive construction, the Voice Alarm Chair Sensor Mat sits on chairs and monitors the patient's movement. When the weight is lifted from the mat, an alert is triggered, which sounds beeps
If you're living with hearing or vision difficulties, the Doro 311C Phone Easy Telephone can make dialling your telephone much easier. With large, clear buttons and a flashing indicator light when
Detecting the opening of windows or doors, the Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm then alerts you to this opening with a loud alarm though the main unit, increasing safety in your home. When the
The Long Range Home Safety Alert Pager is a simple solution to enable someone to alert his or her carer if needed. Push button pendant will send a message to the pocket pager. The pendant has a
Designed for a carer to monitor when someone gets out of bed, wheelchair or chair to help prevent falls and wandering. A pull cord attaches to the users clothing which when detached will sound an
The wireless SafePresence Standalone PIR with Receiver detects motion with infra-red and then instantly notifies the carer, sounding a local alarm when it detects movement. It can be installed to
Designed for use with Nurse Call Systems, this Floor Sensor Mat For Nurse with Connection Adaptors is extremely durable and connects easily to most nurse call systems (including Intercall,
With large buttons for ease of dialling, the Geemarc Photophone 100 Big Button Telephone has a loud 30dB ringer and keypad tones of up to 10dB. Making it much easier for you to use your telephone
Helping to reduce the risk of falls when wandering, the Voice Alarm Monitor -CTM3 plays a recorded message when it receives an alert from a sensor mat that has detected that a patient has fallen out
Designed for use with fall defence systems, this SafePresence ® Treadnought Floor Sensor Mat is extremely durable. Ideal for being placed at the bedside, doorway or other locations, this sensor mat
Helping to prevent the risk of falls when wandering, the SafePresence® Safenbed Alert System detects when a patient steps onto or moves off a sensor mat and can be set to sound an alarm. This alerts
The Geemarc CL100 is an easy to use big button telephone, with loud ringer volume up to 85dB. It has an adjustable receiving volume of up to 30dB, tone control of up to 10dB to suit your level of
Alerting carers to activity on sensor mats, the Fall Savers™ Nurse Call Monitor with Nurse Call Output Nurse Call Connection Kit is an invaluable tool for reducing the risk of falls. Helping to
Comprising of MPPL Pager and a door/window sensor. This kit is ideal for monitoring internal and external doors and windows. The door/window contact sensor is powered by 1 x 9v battery (included),
Designed to be easy to read, the screen of the Doro Secure 580 Simple Mobile Phone is large and clear in full colour. The phone features four large and easy to push backlit buttons, as well as an
Increasing safety by preventing the risk of falls when wandering, the Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit consists of a floor pressure mat, a magnetic door contact transmitter and radio pager.