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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are telephones and health alarms?

Sensor, health and telephone alarms help people who are living independently to stay safe at home, or on the go. Monitors can detect falls and wandering to alert your carer or a family member if any accidents occur. Phones and alarms are available for a range of sensory requirements to alert you to a call or doorbell.

What are the benefits of telephones and health alarms?

Our selection of telephones and health monitors are ideal to keep your home accessible for independent living, enabling quick communication and assistance from carers.

What different telephones and health alarms do you offer?

Telephones and mobile phones – we offer a range of telephones and mobile phones with simple designs that include large buttons, adjustable volume and even photo buttons on some telephones. With our phones, you can feel confident knowing that support is just a quick call away. Attachable phone accessories are available separately which include amplifiers, vibrating alarms and flashing light alerts.

Sensor mat and monitor kits – we offer sensor mats and pads for the floor, to be placed by a bed or chair, that are used to detect wandering or falls. You can choose whether the sensor mat alerts the alarm when pressure is taken away or when pressure is applied. Sensor mats are supplied individually or in a kit with alarms and monitors and add on accessories, such as voice alarms, can be used with the mats.

Monitors and alerts – we have monitors that sound an alarm, or alert a pager when motion is detected. Movement monitors can be placed in any area of the home, or specifically on a window or door to detect when it is opened. We also offer video monitors with a built-in camera and display screen for carers to view, as well as a voice monitor with a clip-on clothing cord that alerts carers when it is detached by movement.

Alarms – pendant alarms have a call button to press for help and fit around your neck for quick access. We also offer doorbells, smoke alarms and gas detectors that connect to a vibrating alarm or pager to alert anyone with hearing impairments. Pull alarms can be installed in different areas so you can easily access the cord if you need help.

What should I consider when choosing a telephone or health alarm?

Personal requirements – we offer aids to suit different personal requirements, including the vibrating alarms that are ideal for hearing or visual impairments. It is important to consider each product before choosing as it may be ideal for some needs but not for all.

Style – we have a range of styles for each product, so you are not limited by choice and you can pick an alarm or phone that is most appropriate for you.

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