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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

What are tap, sink and bath aids?

Tap, sink and bath aids include tap turners and plugs that are designed to make your bathroom more accessible and safe, especially when you are running a bath or washing your hands.

What are the benefits of tap, sink and bath aids?

These bathroom aids help prevent the likelihood of flooding and with scald prevention warnings and stronger handles, they help to keep your bathroom safe.

What different tap, sink and bath aids do you offer?

Tap turners – tap turners fit onto the taps of your bath and sink, giving you a more comfortable surface to grip when you twist the taps. All tap turners are supplied in a pair with one red and one blue handle to correspond with your hot and cold taps.

Prevention plug – the prevention plug fits into your sink or bath and alerts you to high temperatures by changing colour. Additionally, the pressure plate will open the plug hole and let the water down if the water pressure gets too high. This plug is ideal to prevent overflowing and scalding.

What should I consider when choosing a tap, sink or bath aid?

Style – we offer multiple styles of plugs and turners, including different plugs for the sink and bath. Consider the different styles carefully to ensure the aid is suitable for your bathroom and your own requirements.

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