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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Our shopping trolley bags are spacious and versatile. You can even get a trolley with a seat which gives you a place to rest while waiting for your lift home or if you need to take a moment. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to use on your shopping trips.

What are shopping trolleys?

Shopping trolleys have a two or four-wheeled design with a spacious bag for your shopping, and a comfortable seat for you to rest on.

What are the benefits of shopping trolleys?

Shopping bags can be heavy and uncomfortable to carry, especially if you are walking home with them. With a shopping trolley you no longer need to carry your shopping but can wheel it with ease.

If you tire easily when shopping, the trolley seat is immediately available to you, so you can have a quick rest or snack.

What different shopping trolleys do you offer?

Escort trolley – this two-wheeled trolley has a large, insulated bag for you to place your shopping in, and a padded seat on top where you can take a quick rest when needed.

Liberator trolley – this trolley has four wheels and an insulated, spacious bag for shopping. The rubber handles are tall for easy grip and when pushed down they lift the wheels so you can securely rest on the seat.

Leisure shopping trolley – we offer two leisure shopping trolleys, one with two single wheels and another with two tri-wheels that make it easy to pull the trolley up curbs. Both have a colourful striped design with a strong handle and multiple compartments. They also feature a pull-out bar to rest the trolley and a fold down seat so you can have a rest if you need to.

What should I consider when choosing a shopping trolley?

Design – our trolleys are supplied in multiple designs with different materials, colours and sizes. Be sure to consider the design to see which is best suited for your mobility needs.

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