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What are pen grips, writing and reading aids?

Writing and reading aids include book holders, writing slopes and pen grips. They are all designed to make writing and reading easier and more comfortable.

What are the benefits of pen grips, writing and reading aids?

Writing and readings aids can help people who have limited strength or mobility in their hands to continue to read and write independently.

What different pen grips, writing and reading aids do you offer?

Pen grips – we offer a range of versatile grips that you can attach to your pens and pencils. They give a larger, more comfortable surface so it is easier to hold the pen and write. Different styles and shapes of pen grips are available, and we even provide tubing that can be cut to size.

Book holders – we provide standing and desk book holders that keep your book open for you. The standing book holder fits over an armchair or wheelchair and the folding bookstands can be used on a desk or table. They are ideal for studying or anyone who has limited mobility in their hands.

Writing slope – the writing slope has a slanted surface to help you maintain the correct posture when you write at a desk. It features a non-slip surface to hold your paper or book and even has indents for your pens.

What should I consider when choosing a pen grip, writing or reading aid?

Style – consider where you want to use the aid and which style is suitable for this area. For example, we have bookstands that fit over your chair or stands that can be used on a desk. Additionally, you can choose between different styles of pen grips, so you can select a shape that will be most comfortable for your hands and fingers.

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