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This bright LED strip light, with motion sensor, is ideal for use if the user gets up in the night or has dark or poorly lit areas in the home. Ideal for indoor use in areas such as in the
Read and concentrate for longer with the High Vision Floor Lamp. Using daylight bulbs, its specially designed to give a better spectrum of light for a more natural environment, therefore reducing
With an optical grade, powered lens, the Floor Standing Magnifier With 12 LED Lights can make it easier to read and do hobbies and crafts. Featuring 12 bright white, energy efficient LEDs around the
Write notes and eat food with ease with the Ultralite Finger Yokes. These innovative writing and eating aids can attach to many different household objects to make everyday tasks much easier.
If it's often difficult to write, make things easier with the Writing Bird, designed to help you to hold a pen if you have arthritis, muscle weakness or hand impairments. Using your upper arm
Avoid headaches and eye-strain when youre reading or concentrating with the High Vision Table Lamp. Using daylight bulbs, its specially designed to give a better spectrum of light for a more natural
Avoid painful gripping of thin pens and cutlery by making them wider with this Plastazote Tubing. Sliding easily over handles of many household items like hairbrushes and toothbrushes, this
These soft and pliable Grippers slide onto normal sized pens and pencils to give you the correct grip in order to write comfortably. The increased diameter given by the Grippers makes holding and
With a built-in light and easy to use on/off switch, the Hands Free Magnifier with Light can be used as a hand held magnifier or hands free when used in conjunction with the neck cord provided, which
When holding your book is strenuous on your wrists and hands, use the The Hold It™ Book Holder for a pain-free reading experience. Height adjustable and free-standing, this lightweight aluminium
A4 size acrylic magnifier with stand. Ideal for placing over a book or magazine, the Folding A4 Magnifier & Stand helps you read large areas of text without having to move the magnifier. Enlarging
The Fold Flat Book Stand allows you to read books, magazines, music, textbooks and other materials hands-free.. The book stand can be easily adjusted to suit a variety of seating positions. It also
The Always Ready Night Light sits within a socket mounted dock and charges wirelessly, meaning it is ready to use at any time - day or night. The diffused light uses 5 energy saving LED's when
This long handled LED magnifier is ideal for reading and close focus tasks, with 5 bright lights and 1 focus LED. Simply push the on/off button up for the 5 bright reading lights and pull down
This stylish lamp comes with a dimmable 5w LED bulb, with 34 LEDs that provide a cool white colour light of 5000 to 5500K, creating a light level of approximately 200 Lumens. It can be dimmed
Increasing safety and security is crucial when you're living independently. Suitable for any room, the Night Light with Motion Sensor detects motion and light automatically in the dark, providing a
Help to increase the safety of your home at night with this twin pack of Automatic Night Lights, which are suitable for plugging into any room. Giving off a reassuring glow, these night lights can
A set of 12 grips that enables those with a weakened grip to hold just about any object. Not only are the soft foam and swirled colours attractive, but the grips are so light that even the weakest