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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are reachers?

Reachers are long handled aids, designed with a hand trigger and grabber, to help you pick up items without bending to reach them.

What are the benefits of reaching aids?

Reaching aids reduce the need for uncomfortable straining to reach items on the floor or in cupboards. They can help with a multitude of tasks, including picking up keys, rubbish and post.

What different reaching aids do you offer?

Ready reacher – the ready reacher has a two-finger trigger to activate the grabber, and includes a magnetic feature to pick up small metal items. This reacher is available in three sizes.

Combi-reacher – we offer a combi reacher which has a four-finger trigger, and a specialised rotating head. The combi reacher features a magnet and shoehorn attachment and is available in two handle lengths.

Combi-grabber – our combi grabber has a lightweight, stylish design and features a full hand trigger, meaning it is easier to grip and ideal if you have limited hand mobility. The grabber head can rotate, so you don’t need to bend your wrist to reach different items. You have the choice of two different handle lengths for the combi grabber.

What should I consider when choosing a reacher?

Style – you should consider the style and special features of each reacher before choosing, so you select a reacher that suits your own requirements. It is especially vital to check the grips of our products as they vary from a two-finger to a full hand grip and are suitable for differing hand strengths.

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