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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are perching stools?

Perching stools are adjustable stools that offer you a sloping, comfortable seat to rest on.

What are the benefits of perching stools?

With perching stools, you can take some weight off your feet, but still carry out standing tasks, such as washing up and baking.

Perching stools are suitable for use around your home and, with durable steel frames, they can even be used in the shower.

What different perching stools do you offer?

Despite their different colours, sizes and designs, all of our perching stools are height adjustable with sloped seats that offer standing relief and extra stability from their rubber ferrules.

Folding – the folding stool features a padded backrest and a padded, sloping seat. The folding ability enables easy storage and transportation, so you can move it between rooms or store it when not in use.

Arms and backrests – some of our stools are just a seat, which is ideal if you are a little more stable, but you can also find stools with arms, a backrest or both in case you need additional support.

Extra wide or low – we also offer extra low stools, if you need to perch at a lower level, and extra wide seats with a higher weight limit and more seat space – perfect for heavier individuals.

What should I consider when choosing a perching stool?

Style – make sure you consider the size, height, width and weight limit of the stool before purchasing to make sure it is suitable for your requirements. Don’t forget that each stool is height adjustable, so it can be altered to suit you, and with our range of stools, you can choose a style that you like the look of!

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