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Manage your medication effectively with one of our easy-to-use pill boxes. Our tablet dispensers and organiser wallets help you to take the correct pills at the correct times and our pill poppers, pill grinders and pill cutters make taking your medication much easier. Our extensive range is designed to help you avoid accidental over or under doses, so invest in a pill box today and make managing your medication much simpler.

Medication Management

It's a well known fact that you will probably have to take regular medication at some point in your life. It can become very confusing when you are taking several different forms of medication, but that's why we are here to help.

NRS has a range of medication management products, such as pill dispensers, vibrating alarms and pendants to remind you which medication to take and when to take it. We know how much of a hassle it can be to remember exactly what medication it is you need to be taking and we know that missing a pill is sometime not an option. We know you can't afford to get something as important as medication mixed up, which is why we hold medication management in the highest regard.

Medication Reminder

To order your medication management products online, simply click the add to basket button, below the product of your choice, and follow the instructions online. Alternatively you can place your order over the phone, with our friendly customer care team.

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