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With the ability to dispense pills up to 28 times in a day, the Automatic Pill Dispenser helps you organise pills into times of the day, or days of the month. There is a choice of time discs to suit
This portable Pop Up Pill Organiser contains seven individually removable pill boxes, each with 4 clearly marked tablet compartments. Each pill box is colour coded to help clearly distinguish one
Small and convenient, the Pill Box Reminder can be worn around your neck or in your pocket so that it's always close by. With a real time display and audible alarm, the reminder sounds when it's time
The Economy Week Day Tablet Wallet organises your pills for the week. Featuring separate trays for each day of the week and four compartments labelled, Morning, Noon, Evening and Bedtime, it helps
Stylish and discreet, the Tabtime Wallet organises your pills for the week inside an attractive outer case. Featuring separate trays for each day of the week and four compartments labelled,
Designed to help you to remember to take your regular medication, the Spare Tray for the Medelert Auto Pill Dispenser features 28 extra large compartments, which can hold around 18 pills. Its lid
"This is a spare tray for the Automatic Pill Dispenser (sold separately) which enables medication to be filled remotely by a carer or pharmacist, while the other tray is in use in the dispenser.
For use with the Automatic Pill Dispenser -simply place the dispenser onto the tipper and move the large plastic handle/lever gently forward to tip the pills contained in the dispenser, into the
Especially designed to help those suffering from Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, as well as those who need to take medication on a regular basis. The pill reminder and timer is supplied in a light green
Designed to make taking your regular medication much easier, the Medelert Auto Pill Dispenser is great if you have difficulty remembering which pills to take and when to take them. With 28 extra
With a compartment for each day of the week, and the corresponding day marked on each flip lid, this simple medication organiser is ideal for those on several tablets a day. It can be filled and
This splitter easily divides tablets in half where small doses are required, or for ease of swallowing, using a small blade at the back of the splitter. Tablets can be stored in the front
This innovative, all in one, travel flask contains a compartment in the lid, which is split into quarters, allowing four separate medication doses to be individually stored. The base of the flask
The Medisure Easy To Open Flip Up Pill Dispenser AM/PM makes taking your tablets at the right time of the day easier, by clearly noting AM and PM. You can manage your medication more independently
The Medisure Weekly Tower Pill Organiser is a convenient and easy way to organise daily medication. It has 7 day medication storage and 4 compartments per day identified as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each daily
The Medisure Easy Open Flip Up pill reminders feature a simple and ingenious push button mechanism that allows the compartments to be opened and closed very easily. The compartment lid pops open
Designed to cut pills to make them easier to swallow or grind them so that they can be dissolved in water, the Tabtime Pill Master 2 Tablet Cutter & Grinder is a useful medication aid. It also
With five alarm reminders that can be easily set to vibrate or sound a tone, the Vibration 5 Alarm Reminder Pill Box is a complete medication planner. Featuring five pill compartments and five unique
The Medelert Auto Pill Dispenser is designed for those on a regular medication routine who have difficulty remembering when and what tablets to take. Can easily be loaded by the user or carer.