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This accredited alarm is Police approved and ideal for attracting attention. It is simple to use, the alarm is activated by pulling the key ring. Small enough to carry with you and can be attached
Designed to be simple to use for any age, this Wrist Worn Emergency Alarm features a button on the tough plastic housing. When pressed in an emergency situation, it activates a loud 130dB alarm to
The Keyguard Digital XL Key Safe has been police approved, as well as achieving both the Secured by Design and SoldSecure Bronze accreditations. The 12 button design provides a high number of
With large capacity storage, this Large Key Safe can hold large keys for Yale locks (5 Lever British Standard locks). Giving secure access to visitors with a coded lock, it also benefits from an
Supplied with a fitting kit which includes 4 heavy duty expandable dyna-bolts, this extra-tough Supra Permanent KeySafe™ made from Zinc Alloy attaches securely to any wall or flat surface and holds
Attaching to the wall of your house, the Masterlock Combination KeySafe gives visitors safe and secure access to your home and keeps your keys highly secured. Accessed with a 4-digit code, the safe
Convenient and easy to use, the Wall Mounted Panic Alarm is also easy to see. Bright red, this wall-mounted alarm is highly visible and has an ultra bright red LED light that will flash every 30
Extremely safe and secure, the Supra® C500 KeySafe™ is an award-winning safe that stores your house keys and locks them inside the coded case. Made from a stainless steel and zinc alloy with a double
Improving the safety and accessibility in your home, the Wireless Video Door Phone enables you to see and talk to people outside your front door before deciding whether or not to open it. With a 61mm
This accredited alarm is Police approved and ideal for attracting attention. It is simple to use, the alarm is activated by pulling the key ring. Small enough to carry with you and can be attached to
If you find it difficult to hear things clearly the Series 3 Halo Wireless Door Bell can help you identify when visitors are at your door. With a maximum volume of up to 84dB, this doorbell comes
This doorbell has been specifically designed for the hard of hearing and includes a bell push, mains powered flashing receiver unit and a vibrating pager. There is no wiring, and the system is easy
Easy to use, the Defender Combination Key Safe is highly secure providing a convenient and secure place to store your keys.  The Key Safe has a 4-digit combination wheel which allows thousands of
This easy to use doorbell intercom allows you to communicate with visitors to your home via a smartphone. Offering you the peace of mind of knowing who is outside your home and being able to
The Defender Cooper is a compact and attractive alarm that fits comfortably in your palm or on a set of keys ensuring it is always at hand. Designed to increase personal safety, the 130dBs siren is
Featuring a bright built-in strobe torch to attract attention when activated, as well as being the the UK’s loudest personal alarm with a powerful 143 decibel siren, the Defender IIIT instantly
Wireless light and vibration door bell ideal for those with visual and/or hearing impairments. Portable unit features volume controlled chime. Operating range 100m. Requires 2 x AA batteries and 1 x
With different sounds associated with the doorbell or panic alarm, this Homecare Alert & Wireless Doorbell alerts you to visitors at your door with a loud bell and flashing light, which is ideal if
Keeping you safe and secure, the Wireless Door Intercom & Cordless Telephone features a two-way intercom and enables you to answer the door or telephone from the same cordless digital telephone
This key chain personal alarm attracts attention through an extra loud 110dB sound signal and is ideal for attracting attention in potentially unsafe situations. It can also be used as an alarm to