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Home safety is key to living independently, which is why our helpful selection of home security products assist individuals in creating safe home environments. From alarms and alerts for your kitchen and bathroom, to remote control sockets, intelligent telephones and easy-to-use key safes, we have a comprehensive and versatile selection of home safety aids to suit many different individuals.

Door Intercom Systems

The products which NRS Healthcare offers are very varied and deal with a large number of day to day issues. Door intercom systems are another popular product which allows people to speak to the person outside before opening the door to them. As well as being an excellent safety feature, door intercom systems also give peace of mind to an elderly or disabled person's family. Click here for more Aids for Daily Living.

Remote Control Light Switches

Remote control light switches are another great feature which can be installed in a disabled or elderly person's home. Everyone hates getting out of bed or their seat to switch off the light but for many elderly and disabled people, it presents a much bigger problem. Remote control light switches allow them to remain where they are and still control the light using and easy-to-use remote control.

Another simple but very useful product is the disabled toilet key or easy turn radar key. Around the country there are around 7,000 locked public toilets which are there to be used by disabled people. The disabled toilet key allows the user access to these toilets so that they can use a well-maintained and specifically designed toilet.