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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What is a grab rail?

Grab rails are sturdy bars that attach to your walls. They offer handheld support around your home and are ideal if you have limited mobility, or are a little unsteady on your feet.

What are the benefits of grab rails?

Grab rails are extremely versatile; they can be used with a variety of walls so you can fit them in different areas inside and outside your home.

What different grab rails do you offer?

Support rail – our fold up support rail is designed especially for the bathroom, but can be used in other areas of the home. It offers support a little further from the wall and can fold away when not in use.

Straight grab rails – we offer a selection of straight grab rails with different fittings, styles and designs. The stylish stainless-steel rails are perfect for different rooms at home and you have the choice of three sizes. We also offer a grab rail with a slip resistant design that is ideal for outdoor use and coated steel bars that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The red grab rail has a bold colour to distinguish it from the light colours of bathroom walls, making it ideal if you’re living with a visual impairment or dementia.

Curved grab rails – stainless steel curved grab rails have a contemporary, stylish look and offer you extra stability in the bathroom. We also offer a grab rail that fits around corners and is supplied in left and right-handed versions.

What should I consider when choosing a grab rail?

Style – consider which style of grab rail you like. We have a wide selection of grab rails so you can choose one that suits you and your home.

Fixing – when choosing a grab rail, it is vital to check that the fixing of the bar is compatible with your wall.

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