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Useful for getting around the house and garden safely, our range of grab rails make reduced mobility that little bit easier. Avoid painful and dangerous stretching or bending by using these hand rails to get up and down stairs, when entering and exiting your house and even in your bathroom, to enjoy safer and easier movement. Relying on these grab rails helps prevent injury and improves safety for many different people in their own homes and care environments.

Disabled Grab Rails

A lot of elderly and disabled people struggle with their balance when at home. There are certain areas of a house which present more of a problem and these areas are where grab rails can be extremely helpful. Getting into and out of the shower or bath, getting up and down steps and getting out of chairs are three of the most difficult tasks and three places in the house where a grab rail can be most helpful.

Grab Rails For The Elderly

Grab rails can vary quite a lot and NRS Healthcare has both disabled grab rails and also grab rails for elderly people. One of the major differences between these two however is where they are placed. Disabled grab rails are usually fitted somewhere in a house because that particular area presents a problem due to the person's disability.

Grab rails for elderly people are however quite different as some areas can become more of a problem over time. An elderly person might also need a grab rail for support when carrying out a specific task.