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Enjoy your favourite hobby again with our vast array of gardening aids. Prune, trim, dig and tend to your flowers safely with tools that feature long handles to save you bending down and easy to grip ends so that you can hold onto them properly whilst you're using them - perfect for making elderly or disabled gardening easier. To make the task more comfortable, we also have benches that fold away and pads to lean on when you're enjoying this rewarding task.

Gardening Tools For The Elderly

As people retire and get older they have a lot more spare time on their hands. Many elderly people like to spend this extra time looking after their home and garden so that they can really enjoy spending their retirement there.

The problem for a lot of elderly people is that manual work in the garden can cause serious aches and pains whilst also worsening existing problems. NRS Healthcare sells a lot of gardening tools for the elderly which prevent them from having to perform movements which can cause such pains and injuries.

Gardening Tools and Equipment

Gardening tools for the elderly include simple garden kneelers which provide a soft surface to kneel on, natural radius grip tools and ready reachers of various sizes to name just a few.