TCL350 Big Display Extra Loud Vibrating Clock with Vibration Pad

TCL350 Big Display Extra Loud Vibrating Clock with Vibration Pad

Key Features
  • Super loud alarm - ideal for heavy sleepers of those with impaired hearing
  • Radio-controlled alarm clock with automatic time setting and daylight savings adjustment
  • Includes a vibration pad to place underneath your pillow
  • Ultra bright alarm light - perfect for those with a vision impairment
  • Snooze function - sleep timer
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Product Code: P10950

This is a radio-controlled alarm clock with a super loud alarm and a large, blue backlit digital display screen, with 36mm (1½") digits.

It is ideal for those with impaired hearing or vision as well as heavy sleepers.

The clock includes an adjustable volume of up to 80dB and a handy battery backup to keep your alarm settings in case of a power cut. It also includes a vibration pillow pad which can be placed under a pillow to help wake up those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

It is supplied with 1 x alarm clock, 1 x power supply, 1 x external bed vibrator and 1 x user guide.

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