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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Our carrying trays are great ways to help you carry everything you need in safety and comfort. Like the Muggi Tray that lets you carry up to four drinks without risk of a spill or the Handy Tray with carrying handle so you can carry food and drinks with ease. We also have lap trays for disabled people including one that can be attached to wheelchair handles for easy transportation.

What are carrying aids?

Carrying aids are trays designed with special features, such as a lifted handle or mug slots, to assist anyone who has difficulty with carrying multiple drinks or regular trays.

What are the benefits of carrying aids?

All our carrying aids enable you to transport multiple drinks or items with ease, so you can serve friends and family in different areas of your home.

What different carrying aids do you offer?

Bed tray – the bed tray has folding legs that fit on either side of you in bed. It features a tilting table top for activities such as reading and raised edges to prevent items slipping off.

Mug holder – the Muggi Tray has deep slots with handle spaces for mugs, making it ideal to carry drinks without them tipping over. The holder also features indents for your hands so it is easy to grasp.

Handled tray – the Handi Tray features small handles on either side, but also has a unique pull-out handle so you can transport the tray securely with one hand. This tray is ideal if you require one-handed support from a walking stick or support rails. You can choose between the standard tray and one with a non-slip mat.

Anti-slip – the anti-slip tray has a gripped coating to reduce the risk of spills. It features an attractive oak design with handles on both sides.

What should I consider when choosing a carrying aid?

Personal mobility – it is important to consider your own mobility needs before choosing a tray. If you require support from a stick or rail when walking you don’t want to choose a tray that requires two hands! However, if you can use both hands, but have difficulty with steadiness, you may find other trays more appropriate.

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