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    • F21229 1 Handy Tray

      Handy Tray

      price was £16.99  now £13.14 inc VAT    
      now£13.14 inc VAT
    • M39713 1 Trabasack Curve Mat

      Trabasack Curve Mat

      price was £7.99  now £6.17 inc VAT    
      now£6.17 inc VAT
    • G44509 1 Adjustable Bed Tray

      Adjustable Bed Tray

      price was £27.59  now £23.94 inc VAT    
      now£23.94 inc VAT
    • M39488 1 Handy Tray With Mat

      Handy Tray with Mat

      price was £29.99  now £21.59 inc VAT    
      now£21.59 inc VAT
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    315 products / 16 per page.
    L28999 1 Talking Alarm Clock

    Talking Alarm Clock

    price was £12.99  now £7.74 inc VAT    
    now£7.74 inc VAT
    M90871 1 Tena Soft Wet Wipes Pack Of 48

    Tena® Soft Wet Wipes - Pack of 48

    price was £7.35  now £5.52 inc VAT £4.60 ex VAT
    now£5.52 inc VAT
    M00274 1 Suction Grab Bar

    Suction Grab Bar

    price was £11.99  now £9.86 inc VAT    
    now£9.86 inc VAT
    G31085 1 Plate Surround

    Plate Surround

    price was £3.99  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
    now£1.86 inc VAT
    M80282 1 Kura Care ChildrenS Cutlery Set

    Kura Care Children's Cutlery Set

    price was £10.99  now £10.00 inc VAT £8.33 ex VAT
    now£10.00 inc VAT
    N36779 1 Clinell Continence Care Wipes

    Clinell® Continence Care Wipes

    price was £5.14  now £4.56 inc VAT    
    now£4.56 inc VAT

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    Sensory Activities

    Suffering from sensory loss doesn't mean that leisure time can't be enjoyed. Here at NRS, we offer a wide range of leisure time products that are specifically designed for those with sensory loss. There are plenty of activities and games available that provide great entertainment for those with sensory loss, including large print Scrabble and chess for those with visual impairments.

    Brightly coloured music and percussion kits are great for engaging the user and let them experiment to make all sorts of different sounds, while magnetic whiteboards and wipe-clean bingo cards are great for entertaining a group of people.

    Disability Games

    Games and leisure activities from NRS are fantastic for promoting learning and social activities while being great fun at the same time. Musical games are brilliant to sing along to and can be good therapy too, as can all leisure activities.

    Our varied range of leisure time activities is sure to meet your needs so why not take a look at our selection and see what we have to offer?

    NRS Sensory Aids