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Treat many different joint and ligament conditions with a reliable thermal support or choose from our range of pain relief aids. Increased circulation and reduced pain will all aid healing and the relief of issues like RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. We supply gloves, supports and pads for use on your hands and elsewhere on your body where comforting heat therapy and drug free pain relief are required.

Pain Relief

Thermal pain relief supports are ideal for those who suffer from joint pain and want relief without the use of drugs. Thermal supports work by improving the blood flow and circulation to the affected area, thereby increasing the delivery of oxygen which allows for the removal of accumulated toxins and reduces tension and spasm in the muscles.

Thermal Supports

The combination of compression, support and natural body heat all work together to provide pain relief from conditions such as arthritis. Trioxon linings in certain products allow the skin to breathe, minimising irritation from perspiration. Thermal pain relief supports reduce swelling and provide even compression and support to promote healing and recovery. All pain relief thermal supports provided by NRS are clinically tested in conjunction with medical practitioners.

NRS offer a range of pain relief thermal supports for various parts of the body. Take a look at our selection of products and see how NRS can help you.

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