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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

The right rehab exercise equipment can be an essential part of an exercise routine. From hand exercisers and weights to pedal exercisers and dumbbells, our range has the physio exercise equipment you need to help build strength.

What are weights, equipment and hand therapy aids?

Weights, equipment and hand therapy aids are all equipment used for building up strength through low impact exercises. This includes exercises for strengthening hands, upper body and lower legs.

What weights, equipment and hand therapy aids do you offer?

Dumbbells – dumbbells are a low impact way to improve strength in your arms and upper body. Dumbbells are available in various colours that correspond with their different weights.

Hand therapy aids – hand therapy aids include putty and hand exercisers which both help to tone and strengthen muscles in your hands and fingers. Putty is supplied in various colours which indicate different resistances.

Ankle and wrist weights – ankle and wrist weights comfortably strap onto your arm or leg. They are available in different weights and are ideal for strength building, especially for anyone who experiences tremors.

Pedal exercisers – pedal exercisers help to build muscle in the legs and are used sitting down. The resistance level can be changed so they can be used for different levels of ability.

What are the benefits of weights, equipment and hand therapy aids?

All weights, equipment and hand therapy aids can be used at home and are easily portable.

They are ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises after an injury or health condition and can help those with limited mobility to keep developing their strength.

With different weights and resistance levels, these aids are suitable for different abilities and various levels of mobility.

What should I consider when buying a weight, equipment or hand therapy aid?

Weight and resistance – make sure you consider which weight or resistance level is most suitable for you. This is important to ensure you choose equipment that helps to build your strength without causing you strain.

Mobility and ability – it is important to consult with a healthcare professional if you are strength building after an injury or living with a health condition to ensure you do not cause further strain or injury.