Physio Acupressure - Balls Set of 3

Physio Acupressure - Balls Set of 3

Key Features
  • Designed to target painful areas for trigger point release and acupressure massage
  • Provides effective relief of sciatic nerve pain and other chronic pain
  • Three different intensity levels allow for use on different areas of the body
  • The size of the balls helps to easily apply pressure to a specific body area
  • Can be used on the floor in a seated position or placed between the body and a wall when standing

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Product Code: P42914

This set of 3 acupressure balls are designed to target painful areas for effective trigger point release. They are smooth to hold and come in three different intensity levels which can be used to apply varying pressure to different areas of the body.

Acupressure balls can be particularly effective when used to treat sciatic nerve pain and can help relieve other chronic pain symptoms. Due to the size of the ball you can apply pressure to a specific body area, allowing for more targeted pain relief.

This set is extremely portable and can be used at home, at the gym, or whilst travelling. The smooth texture prevents any snagging on clothing and the easy to grip shape enables effective use even when held in your hand and rolled over painful areas.

Acupressure balls can be used on any part of the body, with three intensity levels to target specific areas: Yellow (low density) is the softest ball and can be used for sensitive areas such as the neck, lower back, calf muscles and behind the knees. Orange is a medium density ball which can be used across most areas of the body, including arms, legs, mid and upper back. Red (high density) is the hardest ball and is useful for relieving pain in the upper back and spine area, as well as glutes, thighs and the bottoms of feet.

To use: acupressure balls can be used on the floor in a seated position to relieve lower back and glutes pain, or placed between the body and a wall to help with upper back and shoulder pain. Position the ball on the affected area and roll against the surface in any direction for muscle relief. The small size of the ball helps to work on specific areas of the body. You can also hold the ball in the palm of your hand and roll over affected muscles. This is particularly helpful when experiencing shoulder and neck pain.

Trigger point therapy, or self-acupressure, is a technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to trigger point areas in order to relieve pain and speed up muscle rehabilitation. It focuses on connective tissue called fascia which can become stiff and cause knots (or trigger points). Gently massaging these knots helps to break them up, releasing muscle tightness and re-establishing proper movement patterns.

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