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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

Balance and stability training can be essential for those who want to improve their posture or who feel unsteady on their feet. Our range of equipment from wobble boards and balance boards to balancing air cushions can be used to help test and improve stability.

What is balance training?

Balance training involves simple exercises that encourage awareness of your balance and posture and help to improve your stability. It can be done at home or may be used during physiotherapy.

What are balance training aids?

Balance training equipment includes boards and cushions that help to test your body awareness when seated and standing. Balance training aids help you to strengthen, test and improve your stability and may be used for treatment by a physiotherapist after surgery, injury or for those with limited mobility.

What balance training aids do you offer?

We offer balancing boards that gently exercise your ankles and feet and improve your stability when standing. We also provide a range of balance cushions, for both children and adults, that encourage correct posture and an active position when seated.

What are the benefits of balance training aids?

Balance training aids enable you to undertake balance training methods at home. They are also portable, so they can be taken to work or school.

Balance training exercises are ideal to help people who have limited mobility or are recovering from an injury to regain or improve their strength and stability.

With balance equipment available for children and adults, your child’s posture and seated position can be supported from a young age.

What should I consider when buying a balance training aid?

Ability – you may need to speak with a professional, including a physiotherapist, to ensure balance boards and cushions are safe and suitable for you. It is vital to consider your safety and make sure you do not cause injury to yourself.

Board or cushion – consider whether seated support or standing training from a board would be most suited to your requirements.

Size – some balance training aids are specifically designed for children or adults so different sizes will be suitable for different ages.