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The DiscoSit Junior is designed for use with nursery and primary school chairs and relieves pressure on the spinal column, which helps with postural stability. The inflation of the product can be
Ensure your child develops the correct posture and supports muscle tone with the MovinSit Cushion. Designed for inflation by pump or mouth, the wedge shaped cushion provides a sloping seat, ideal
Maintain correct and comfortable positioning in bed or whilst relaxing on your back. With an inner tubular shaped foam core T-Rolls are great for anyone with MS who needs realignment support and they
Designed as a sitting cushion, the DiscoSit relieves pressure on the spinal column and helps with postural stability. The inflation of the product can be adjusted according to the required comfort
Ensure youre comfortable and correctly positioned with the handy Posture Wedge. Made from combustion-modified foam, this soft wedge has a flame-retardant polyester cover. Promoting head, shoulder
Made from combustion modified, high resilient foam, the Log Roll has a vapour permeable PU cover. It helps you to stabilise yourself when you are in the side lying position, therefore improving
Designed to be light and portable, the Fleece Neck Support is ideal for travelling. Made from pure new wool, this unique neck support cushion has therapeutic qualities and is great if you suffer with
Designed to make journeys in your car more comfortable, the Slimline Wedge for Cars eases muscle tension in your lower back to prevent the onset of pain. The Slimline Wedge is fitted with a luxury
Featuring a cut out for the bottom of your spine, the Coccyx Seat Wedge is shaped to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, allowing for the spine to fall into a natural position. This correct
With the higher end of the wedge at the back of your chair, the Original Seat Wedge helps to tilt your pelvis to the optimum 11°, keeping your spine to its natural position. This helps to reduce the
Aid circulation and improve lumbar comfort with the Car Back Support, made from memory foam with a luxury velour cover. Comfortable for use on car journeys, this cushion protects pressure areas and
Look forward to mealtimes again with the Wade Dignity Ceramic Plate, designed to make living with hand and wrist issues much easier. With a sloped interior to help tip food towards you, this plate
Bright coloured, inflatable balls suitable for use with orthopaedic or neurological clients, or as an effective form of exercise. Can be used to improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance, and to
Improve balance and effectively exercise your knees and ankles by using this wobble board. Constructed in high quality hardboard, it has a non-slip, ribbed surface thats safe for adults and children.
Designed for ankle extension/flexion exercises and for uni-directional exercises. Strong, high quality construction. The Rocker Board has a ribbed non-slip surface. Non-slip square platform with
This non-slip Phoenix Fitness Yoga Exercise Mat is perfect for use whilst practicing yoga or can be used for physical therapy when recovering from injuries. It is lightweight and easy to roll up and
The Phoenix Fitness Yoga Circle Resistance Bands have three varying intensity resistance bands in the pack making it ideal for both rehabilitation or strength training. These 3 brightly coloured
Delivering the performance benefits of natural rubber but without Latex, the Latex Free Flat Bands are effective at building muscle tone and improving balance. Great fun for group sessions, the
Increase your strength and develop muscle tone with the Rehaband. Made from natural rubber latex, these bands are easy to grip securely and can be used for a wide range of gentle exercises. The
As the worlds best selling range of resistance exercise bands, Thera-Band® helps to strengthen muscles and improve balance in all kinds of people. Colour-coded according to resistance, the bands make