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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are face masks?

Face masks cover your mouth and nose and are designed to help stop the transmission of a virus via droplets, sprays, splatters and splashes.

What are the benefits of face masks?

Face masks not only help stop the spread of infection via transmission but may also reduce the likelihood of hand-to-face contact, lessening the risk of bacteria from your hands travelling to your face or entering the body. Face masks can also help people feel protected and reassured, which should be the case if you choose your mask wisely.

What different face masks do you offer?

Type IIR surgical mask

These loose-fitting surgical masks are designed with three ply layers which have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% and you can buy them in a box of 50.

FFP2 face mask

Available to buy in a pack of 20, these masks come individually wrapped and can be fitted to your face for optimum performance. We also stock FFP2 masks in a pack of 10 which are designed to stop 95% of particles >0.3 microns in size.

What should I consider when wearing a face mask?

Size– wearing a loose-fitting face mask will not filter out small airborne particles such as those transmitted by coughing or sneezing, so it’s important to make sure the face mask fits over your nose and mouth without leaving gaps on the sides.

Hand sanitiser– you need to be aware that face masks are only effective when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning, so using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before you put on, and after you remove, your face mask is essential.

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