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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are disposable aprons and gloves?

Disposable plastic aprons are designed to protect your clothes from spills and splashes whilst carrying out caring duties, whereas our range of gloves can be worn to help reduce contamination and prevent cross-infection.

What are the benefits of disposable aprons and gloves?

Not only do disposable gloves help to stop the spread of potentially harmful bacteria, they also keep your clothes clean and dry and, our vinyl gloves are suitable for medical, emergency, laboratory and food applications.

Disposable plastic aprons are great for professional or family carers who want to protect their clothing from splashes or stains and can be easily disposed of after one use.

What different disposable aprons and gloves do you offer?

Plastic aprons–available to buy in a pack of 100, our disposable plastic aprons feature an antibacterial coating to maximise hygiene when carrying out caring duties. We also offer the choice between standard quality or premier aprons to suit individual preferences.

Nitrile and vinyl gloves – ideal for keeping your hands dry and clean, these latex-free gloves are also powder-free and reduce the risk of contamination. Our nitrile gloves are available to buy in a pack of 200, and you can buy our vinyl gloves as a pack of 100.

What should I consider when choosing disposable aprons and gloves?

Size– our nitrile and vinyl gloves come in various sizes to suit your needs and are a great alternative to latex when it comes to helping stop the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

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