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Our customers say Excellent 9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
9.2/10 based on over 3800 reviews

What are listening devices?

Listening devices include hearing aids that amplify sounds and accessories that keep your hearing equipment clean and hygienic.

What are the benefits of listening devices?

Hearings aids have a built-in amplifier that enable you to hear sounds more clearly. This can help reduce the need to strain during conversations with family or friends and when listening to your TV or radio.

What different listening devices do you offer?

Hearing aid – we offer a small hearing aid that fits comfortably around the back of your ear. It has differing earplug sizes, with adjustable volume and tones so you can decide which is most comfortable for you.

Cleaning kits – we have a small cleaning kit that includes a brush, pick and vent cleaner. These can all be used to keep the inside of your hearing aids hygienic and clear. We also offer a cleaning pack that includes a brush and vent cleaner, as well as a cleaning spray and drying capsules to ensure that bacteria does not build up in your hearing aids.

Dry box – hearing aid dry boxes use a gentle drying system with UV light to remove moisture and bacteria from your hearing aids. The dry box we supply can hold two sets of hearing aids at a time.

Battery tester – the battery tester allows you to check the battery level of your hearing aid. A tick indicates that the battery still has charge and a cross indicates that it is flat. Testers are ideal to save you throwing batteries away unnecessarily.

What should I consider when choosing a listening device?

When choosing cleaning accessories for your hearing aid consider the individual tools in the kit. Each kit differs, so you can choose which you would prefer or find most useful.

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