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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

For total peace of mind and a restful sleep, choose one of our intelligent incontinence management systems, complete with bedwetting alarm. Incredibly useful for managing adult bedwetting, these bedwetting alarm mats alert you when necessary so that you can take care of your own routine independently.

What are monitors?

Our monitors page is made up of incontinence monitors and accessories. Incontinence monitors work with a sensor mat and alarm to detect any liquid and alert you or your carer.

What are the benefits of monitors?

Incontinence monitors can be used on your mattress, pillow or chair. They are suitable for many ages and can warn you, as well as any carers or family members, about any bed wetting or incontinence.

What different monitors do you offer?

Bed wetting and incontinence alarm – our incontinence alarm is supplied with a sensor mat and alarm system. When liquid is detected on the mat the alarm is signalled to alert you or a carer. This system is ideal for bed wetting training for children and incontinence control for older people.

Bed wetting and incontinence alarm with pager – the alarm with pager also includes the sensor mat and alarm system that detects liquid. However, carers can choose to be alerted to the liquid detection without sounding the alarm on the pager. This is ideal if you don’t want the loud noise to wake yourself or others.

Accessories – the power adaptor for the incontinence alarms is sold separately as an accessory.

What should I consider when choosing a monitor?

When choosing a monitor, you should consider whether you will require a pager, or if an alarm will suffice. Pagers are ideal if there are times where you do not want the louder noise of the alarm. This might be the case if incontinence happens at night and there are other people sleeping.

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