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What are bed and chair protection aids?

Bed and chair protection aids are absorbent and waterproof pads, sheets and covers that help protect your bedding and furniture against incontinence.

What are the benefits of bed and chair protection aids?

Bed and chair protection aids are a discreet way to maintain incontinence protection both in the day and at night. They can help you get a comfortable night’s sleep and reduce the worry of leaks at home.

What different bed and chair protection aids do you offer?

Pads – bed and chair pads are available in a reusable or disposable form. Their waterproof underlay protects your furniture and bedding from liquid, whilst the absorbent layers help you stay dry and comfortable. We provide reusable pads that are available for your bed, chair or the floor and disposable bed pads that can be purchased on their own or in a pack. Pads are sold in various colours and levels of absorbency.

Duvet and pillow protectors – waterproof duvets and pillow covers are available to keep your bedding protected from leaks. We offer a waterproof duvet that you can wipe clean and a duvet and pillow cover with a no-rustling waterproof design and a thin absorbency layer.

Mattress protectors – mattress protectors tuck securely under your mattress and are designed to fit under your regular bedding. We offer waterproof mattress protectors and multi-layered protectors with a soft absorbent cover and waterproof underlay, that both prevent liquid from reaching your mattress.

What should I consider when choosing a bed or chair protection aid?

Consider where you will be using the aid to ensure you choose a suitable size. We have different sized aids to fit single and double beds, as well as various pad sizes to fit beds or chairs.

Consider the different styles we offer and which are most suitable for your requirements. For example, we offer reusable or disposable pads, some which can be used to directly protect your sheets and others which can be used under sheets to protect your mattress.

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