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Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are therapeutic putty aids and resistance bands?

Therapeutic putty and resistance bands are gentle exercisers that help you to build strength in your hands and wrists.

What are the benefits of therapeutic putty and resistance bands?

Putty and bands both have fun and colourful designs with different resistance levels for various abilities. They are simple to use and can help to reduce stress, as well as improving your strength.

What different therapeutic putty aids and resistance bands do you offer?

Putty – therapeutic putty is available in various colours to identify different levels of resistances. They range from an extra soft to firm resistance, so they can help a variety of people improve their grasp and build strength in their hands and fingers.

Exercise ball – exercise balls have a textured exterior for easy grip and are supplied in multiple colours to indicate different resistance levels. Whether you are living with a health condition or recovering from an injury, exercise balls assist you in improving strength in your hands and wrists.

Bands – resistance bands are ideal for a range of exercises and have colour coded resistance levels for different strengths. Bands can be used to strengthen your upper and lower body through a variety of exercises. We offer singular or packs of bands, as well as a roll of one resistance band which can be cut to size.

What should I consider when choosing a therapeutic putty aid or resistance band?

Resistance level – it is vital to discuss with a therapist and carer which resistance is appropriate for you, so you do not cause strain or injury when using these aids.

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