Our customers say Excellent /10 based on over 0 reviews

Our customers say Excellent
/10 based on over 0 reviews

What are exercise and balance aids?

Our exercise and balance aids include gentle exercise equipment that is designed to improve your strength and mobility through low impact exercises.

What are the benefits of exercise and balance aids?

Exercise and balance aids help people who have low mobility, or are recovering from an operation or injury, to keep fit and regain their physical strength.

All of our exercise and balance aids can be used in suitable areas of your own home.

What different exercise and balance aids do you offer?

Weights – we offer dumbbells that are used to improve the strength in your arms and upper body. Dumbbells are available individually or in a set and have differing weights so that they are suitable for a range of fitness abilities. We also provide a pair of padded weights that strap onto your wrists or ankles.

Balls and rolls – we offer multiple fitness and balance balls that are appropriate for many ages. The hand resistance balls come in three levels of firmness, helping to improve strength in your hands and wrists. Gym and physio balls are designed for full body use to advance your balance and flexibility and tone your muscles. Air pumps for gym balls are available separately.

Balance and posture aids – the rocking balance boards have a tilting system that encourages the stretching of your ankles and improves your standing balance. Additionally, we offer inflatable balance cushions that are available for children and adults to sustain a strong posture when sitting or improve co-ordination during standing exercises. We also offer a posture mirror for checking your postural alignment and non-slip mats that increase the stability of slippery surfaces. They are both versatile and mobile so you can move them to an appropriate place when exercising.

Leg aids – pedal exercisers enable you to strengthen your legs from a seated position. They have a bicycle pedal design and are ideal if you have difficulty standing for extended periods. We also offer step boxes to help anyone with lower mobility to practice low impact leg exercises.

What should I consider when choosing an exercise and balance aid?

Personal fitness – it is vital to know your personal level of fitness and mobility to determine which products are suitable for you and to ensure you do not put yourself at risk of injury. For example, if you have difficulty with standing our pedal exercises would be ideal, but our rocking boards would not be suitable.

Size and weight – many of our exercise and balance aids are supplied in multiple sizes and weights. Make sure to consider these differences so you choose an aid that is suitable for your needs.

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