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N54290 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm With Torch

Police Approved Personal Alarm WithTorch

price was £5.99  now £4.79 inc VAT    
now£4.79 inc VAT
L97718 1 Economy Shower Stool

Economy Shower Stool

price was £33.56  now £13.74 inc VAT £11.45 ex VAT
now£13.74 inc VAT
N54216 1 Suction Grab Bar Chrome

Suction Grab Bar - Chrome

price was £12.00  now £10.56 inc VAT    
now£10.56 inc VAT
M37352 1 Pedal Exerciser With Digital Spy

Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

price was £41.18  now £25.00 inc VAT    
now£25.00 inc VAT
G31085 1 Plate Surround

Plate Surround

price was £4.10  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
now£1.86 inc VAT
M01278 1 Over BedChair Table

Over Bed/Chair Table

price was £43.74  now £23.70 inc VAT    
now£23.70 inc VAT

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Stroke Equipment And Rehabilitation Equipment

A stroke is very serious and can have a dramatic effect on a person’s life. Depending on which side of the brain is affected, the results of a stroke can differ. They can include paralysis, vision problems, memory loss and speech and language problems. Through therapy however, it is possible for these problems to be countered somewhat and the effects of the stroke minimised.

Rehabilitation Equipment

There is a lot of stroke equipment or rehabilitation equipment which can help with therapy and NRS Healthcare sells a lot of rehab equipment for this specific purpose. The rehabilitation equipment varies significantly because of the many effects of a stroke. Parallel walking bars and hand exercisers are a good example of the variation of products in our stroke equipment range.

The rehabilitation equipment is designed to specifically target certain problems caused by a stroke and give the person the best opportunity of getting back to being fully well or as close as they possibly can be. View more Assessment Tools here.