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N54290 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm With Torch

Police Approved Personal Alarm WithTorch

£4.79 inc VAT    
now£4.79 inc VAT
N54289 1 Police Approved Personal Alarm

Police Approved Personal Alarm

£4.19 inc VAT    
now£4.19 inc VAT
G31085 1 Plate Surround

Plate Surround

price was £3.99  now £1.86 inc VAT £1.55 ex VAT
now£1.86 inc VAT
M01278 1 Over BedChair Table

Over Bed/Chair Table

price was £42.49  now £23.70 inc VAT    
now£23.70 inc VAT
M11077 1 Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step

Nuvo™ Adjustable Bath Step

£31.26 inc VAT £26.05 ex VAT
now£31.26 inc VAT
N54216 1 Suction Grab Bar Chrome

Suction Grab Bar - Chrome

£10.56 inc VAT    
now£10.56 inc VAT

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Games & Activities for Disabled Children

Play time for children is a time to develop both physically and socially. Here at NRS, we understand how important it is for children both disabled and non disabled to be able to play together. Games and activities allow children to have fun and can also be educational at the same time.

All games and activities for disabled and non disabled children are easy to use. Our range of activities for disabled children allows friends and family to get involved therefore giving children the chance to share the fun with others.

The NRS range of activities and games for disabled children covers arts and crafts, allowing disabled children to show their creative spark. NRS also offer a fantastic range of music therapy products; some children can prove to be very responsive to music. The range also includes swimming, hydrotherapy, sensory stimulation, outdoor games and tactile games.

Activities for Disabled Children

We really do understand how important play time can be to a child, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. This is NRS is committed to providing the very best games for disabled children and activities for disabled children.

Development Equipment from NRS