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The Denim & Cord Fiddle Muff has been shown to bring enjoyment to those living with Dementia whilst reducing anxiety and depression and increasing social interaction. Sensory stimulation is important
The space projector rotates coloured oils to produce an ever changing, moving patterns of vibrant light and colour. The image can be directed onto ceilings or walls and is available in two colour
These Juggling Sticks are sold in packs of 2 and have baubled ends filled with UV plastic beads which rattle. Ideal for one-to-one visual work, these sticks react brightly under UV light making them
This Dark Den Accessory Kit offers an array of light-up resources for use in any darkened environment or a Dark Den and is ideal for children and adults with special needs. See the fibre optic
Containing a range of brushes, wheelies, massage and vibration products, the Body Massage Sensory Bag provides many tactile sensations to enjoy and experience. Ideal for creating a calm and soothing
Helping to provide relaxing relief from Tinnitus, the Nature Sound Pyramid has a modern design and enables you to listen to a choice of soothing sounds such as a brook, a summer night, an ocean or
The Sensory Den is the perfect place to offer children a quiet and distraction free environment, and is especially suited for use in a classroom. It is ideal for stimulating senses when used with UV
Containing a bag full of tactile resources, the Tactile Sensory Bag's objects feature different textures and shapes, enabling everyone to enjoy them. Squeeze the Goohey Mesh Balls, fiddle with the
This Junior Dark Den Accessory Kit offers a variety of light-up resources for use in any darkened environment or a Dark Den. The Dynamo Torch is great for young children who will be fascinated when
Containing a range of visual effects that provide dramatic moving colour and altering shapes to mesmerise and encourage the users to concentrate on the reward, the Visual Effects Sensory Bag is ideal
Available in a pack of red, blue and silver colours these vibrating pillows can be an effective tool for children with sensory processing disorder, or sensory seekers in general. Simply squeeze the
Lightweight, but highly durable, this portable pop up Sensory Pod will provide a safe and light proof enclosed space where therapists and patients can engage in sensory exploration. The perfect
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This versatile giant version of the Sensory Den is able to fit a group of children or accommodate those who need a little more space. It is ideal as a semi-permanent sensory room and is large enough
An interactive sensory product that brings enjoyment and fun to people living with Dementia. A unique design, this apron includes a soft squeezable anti-stress ball, six clear removable pockets for
Brightly coloured and versatile, the Multi-Discs are great for throwing and catching. Supplied in a set of nine multi-coloured discs they can be washed in warm, soapy water and used by individuals or
This excellent value for money compendium features 3 giant classic games, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Draughts. Each playmat measures 900 x 900mm (35½ x 35½'). Made from durable wipe clean plastic.
Designed to help dementia sufferers recall certain moments, the The Reminiscence Quiz Book is an exciting, informative and unusual quiz book for use in reminiscence work. Covering the years 1930 to
The Play Boccia Ramp has been specially made from durable Foamex. It's designed to provide people of all ages who have high support needs, with a means of independently propelling balls of various
Designed to develop language and comprehension skills, these are the high quality laminated ColourCards® Colour Library® - with images which depict fruit, vegetables, basics, prepared foods, drinks